What are all the different products you offer for cleaning my carboys and bottles?

My carboys are filthy after I transfer the beer out of them. How do I get them clean?

Carboys are a bit of a challenge to get clean. Especially if you’ve had a very active fermentation, or if your beer was in the carboy for a long time. Midwest offers many ways to help you get them clean. The carboy brush that comes in the equipment kits that we sell will work well if you’re good about cleaning them regularly, but if you’ve got some stuck on sediment that you’re trying to get rid of, you may need something a little more heavy-duty.

Carboy Brush: This is the brush that comes in the equipment kits sold at Midwest. Great for getting at that area under the neck of the carboy where fermentation residues form.

The Original Carboy Cleaner: If you’ve got a power drill at home, this product works great. The exclusively designed cleaning pads are made of a 100% non-woven viscose material specially processed using air-spun technology. This makes the Carboy Cleaner cleaning pads super absorbent, lint free, strong, yet soft enough that it will not scratch any fine surface - including Better Bottles. What makes these cleaning pads special, though, is on the inside. A high-strength yet flexible plastic insert helps the cleaning pad maintain rigidity during the high torque produced by a cordless drill and the super absorbent, expanding sponge at the end of the cleaning pad assists in the centrifugal cleaning force and cyclonic action of the Carboy Cleaner. Only the highest quality Stainless Steel is used on the cleaning rod and all the attaching components to ensure many years of rust free use.

What’s the easiest way to clean my bottles?

The easiest way to keep your bottles clean is to give them a good rinse right after you empty one to drink a homebrew. However, as more and more homebrews are consumed, this gets harder and harder to remember. We understand that you may have a few bottles that you forgot to rinse right away, and now they have some built up sediment on them. Midwest offers a few products to make cleaning the insides of these bottles easier.

Jet Bottle Washer: Attaches to your faucet, this device delivers a blast of water to clean bottles and carboys. A durable brass construction ensures that this product will last a long time. The garden hose fitting connects easily to a utility sink. A faucet adapter (sold separately) is needed to connect to your kitchen sink.

Fermtech Blast Bottle and Carboy Washer: Works much like the Jet Bottle Washer, but Fermtech’s version is almost entirely plastic (except the faucet connector), which will not corrode. The nozzle also conveniently fits your tubing, so you can rinse it without getting water all over the place! A faucet adapter (sold separately) is needed to connect to your kitchen sink.

Double Blast Bottle Washer: This connects to your sink just like the Jet bottle washer, but it sits in the bottom of your sink, connected via a braided, high-temperature hose. Wash two bottles at once to reduce bottling time. Also includes a nozzle designed to clean carboys of all sizes. A faucet adapter (sold separately) is needed to connect to your kitchen sink.

I’m trying to get the labels off of some old beer bottles that I have. What will make it easier?

Try soaking the bottles in a PBW, B-Brite, or Straight A Cleanser solution overnight, and you’ll probably find most (if not all) of the labels floating on top in the morning. Those labels that are still clinging to the bottle will probably slide right off without much effort. These are oxygen-activated cleaners and work great for this and many other cleaning uses.