What options are there for Primary Fermentors?

We have five options for plastic primary fermenters.

  • Our 6.5-gallon capacity fermenter with lid works great for 5-5.5 gallon batches of wine or beer. The lid is pre-drilled and fitted with a grommet for a tight seal.
  • The 7.9-gallon capacity fermenter works best for 6 gallon batches of wine or beer. Again, the accompanying lid comes with a pre-drilled lid and grommet included.
  • We have a 10-gallon plastic fermenter with a loose fitting lid (undrilled) that works well for primary fermentation.
  • There is our 16.5 gallon fermenter that comes with an optional lid and sealing ring.
  • Finally is the 20 gallon fermenter for those that want to make 15 gallons of wine in one fermenter.