What's in your recipe kits?

What's in your recipe kits?

Midwest Homebrewing Supplies offers a large selection of recipe kits. Our kits cover a diverse range of ale, lager, wheat and specialty hybrid styles. The following types of recipe kits from Midwest include: Millard’s Malts malt extract (unless otherwise noted), specialty grains, imported and domestic hops, fresh yeast, priming sugar, grain bag and complete easy-to-follow instructions. They are designed to brew 5 gallon batches.

Extract Recipe Kits: Our largest selection of recipe kits, kits come with all ingredients needed to make a 5 gallon batch of beer with liquid malt extract (LME) and/or dry malt extract (DME).

20 Minute Boil Kits: Our 20 Minute Boil Kits are popular with many of our in-store customers. These kits have no grains and require only 20 minutes of boiling (as opposed to the standard 60 minutes). With the use of a wort chiller, you can have your beer in the fermenter and be cleaned up in less than an hour. These kits deliver consistent results.

Clone Kits: Clone kits are replicas of commercial beers available throughout the country. Midwest Supplies offers several different types of clone kits that are designed to taste just like their commercial brothers. They are a good way to make a beer that you are familiar with so you feel comfortable with what you are making. Alternatively, make one to see how you compare with the large commercial brewers out there.

Partial Mash Kits: Partial mash is a recipe utilizing half extract and half all-grain brewing techniques.

Micro Bru Kits: These kits are designed to produce 1 gallon of beer using our Micro Brue 1-Gallon All-Grain Starter Kit. They include grains, straining bags, hops, and yeast.

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