Where Does Midwest Supplies Source Their Ingredients From?

We strive to find the freshest, most consistent ingredients available. We purchase ingredients as close to our location as possible, so that you end up with the freshest ingredients available. Our volume of business also makes the turnover of these ingredients incredibly quick. We want you to make the best beer possible, and to do that you need the freshest ingredients possible.

Malt extract

Our liquid malt extract is made by Briess Malting Company from Chilton, Wisconsin. Peterson Honey of Minnesota fills the 3.3 and 6 pound jugs, as they have the sanitary food grade repacking facilities required to ensure freshness. Midwest receives these shipments every 1-2 weeks, depending on demand. This translates to a complete turnover of our entire liquid malt extract inventory every 2-3 weeks. What does all this mean to you, the homebrewer? When you order malt extract from Midwest, you can be assured that it will be the freshest available. For you, that means better fermentations and better tasting beer.

Brewer’s note: When brewing with our liquid malt extracts, peel the label off and dip it in the brew water to rinse out all of the malt extract. Then recycle the plastic jug.


Our hops come mostly from LD Carlson of Ohio. We buy them in bulk and repackage them in light/oxygen barrier bags that are first purged with CO2 for maximum freshness. We store the hops both before and after packaging in a refrigerator to keep them as fresh as possible.


Our grains are stored in airtight containers until they are packaged. We do not crack your grains until just prior to shipping. Yes, it does take a little longer to complete orders this way, but we want you to get the freshest ingredients possible. If you crack the grain too far in advance, you, the customer, will end up with a stale product. By keeping the grain whole until it ships means that you will always receive them as fresh as possible.


Our yeasts are as fresh as you’ll find nationwide. We order our yeasts weekly and have them express-shipped in. They are refrigerated during shipping to us, prior to shipping out to you, and while they are in the store. We also offer insulated packaging to help keep the yeast cool while on its way to you. We are very good about rotating our stock of yeast, and keep the freshest yeast available. We carry every yeast strain available from White Labs and Wyeast! There are not many stores that can say this.

Fresher ingredients = better beer

To brew great beer you need great ingredients. Keeping those ingredients fresh is integral to making the perfect beer. Here at Midwest, we do everything that we can to make sure you are getting the freshest, highest quality ingredients that are available.

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