Homebrewing Equipment Kit Upgrades

At Midwest, we've tried to configure our Homebrewing Equipment Kits to fill the bill for all types of homebrewers. All of our Brewing Equipment Kits contain most of the necessary home brewing equipment, but some of them do not include items such as a brew kettle or thermometer, since most homebrewers already have these in their kitchen. But many people start from scratch, with no equipment at all, so we offer equipment upgrades to help fill in the gaps.

The Equipment Kit Upgrades contain many accessories that make brewing easier, and are packaged together at a discount. Which one you choose depends on how much equipment you already own.

The Brewhouse Ignition Pack Upgrade Kit contains three items that any homebrewer will find useful; a 8 Gallon Stainless Steel Megapot, a Darkstar 2.0 Burner, and a Copperhead Wort Chiller. These will make your brew day easier and faster!

Mad Brewer™ Beer Testing Kit includes a copy of "How to Brew" by John Palmer, which includes instruction, many recipes, and plenty of introductory and advanced information. The kit also includes a hydrometer, a thief, a test jar, and brewing additives like Fermcap-S, Biofine Clear, and Whirlfloc tablets.

We also offer yeast starter kits, which include a flask, stopper, Fast Pitch (or DME), and instructions. The Yeast Health Kit with Fast Pitch also includes the Maelstrom stir plate and the Oxygenation Kit 2.0.