Why do you have so many kits?

We carry the variety and selection of kits that we do so that our customers are able to brew and drink the beer that they love the most! Each beer drinker has their own favorite flavors, so we carry 100+ beer kits covering light, amber, and dark ales and lagers. Each 5-gallon kit comes with all of the ingredients and extra brewing supplies you will need to get that batch going on brew day. This includes the malt, specialty grains, hops, priming sugar, grain bag, any extra sugars or additives required, and instructions to guide you through.

We have wheat beers, meads and melomels, Belgian ales, and clone kits for when you want to brew your favorite commercial beer. Also, for those who have increased the complexity of their brewing system, we carry a selection of partial-mash and all-grain kits. Maybe we don’t have a kit to satisfy your taste buds, or you have come up with a recipe that wows all of your friends. Browse our ingredients section to order the supplies you need!