Why use Gourmet Hop Plugs?

Freshness – Pressing hops into plugs increases freshness in several important ways. The hops are frozen at 32 degreesF until they are plugged and then immediately vacuum sealed into light / oxygen barrier bags and refreeze them at 32°F until they are shipped out. A pressed plug decreases the overall surface area of the hops which means less oxygen and less light can get at them and reduce the quality of the hops. Remember, fresher hops means fresher beer!

Accuracy – Each plug is hand weighed for accuracy at ½ oz. Each package contains either 4 plugs for 2 oz or 32 plugs for 1#

Excellent packaging – Gourmet plugs are expertly vacuum sealed in oxygen and light barrier bags and kept frozen until shipment at 32°F

Great for dry hopping – Designed for a perfect fit in a carboy or bung hole

Plugs vs. Pellets vs. Loose Leaf – Pellets are the poorest quality hops as they are the most highly processed. They contain more of the stems and leaves along with the desirable cones. Heat and extreme compression cause deterioration of the lupulin glands which are the essential part of the hop. This makes pellets a cheap alternative but quality and flavor are compromised. Loose leaf hops are a better alternative than pellets but they still have several distinct disadvantages. They are less stable than plugs because they have a larger surface area which allows the hops to deteriorate faster for a poorer quality product. Also, they are harder to weigh accurately because of their loose nature, the homebrewer will have trouble adding a correct volume to their wort and an even harder time trying to dry hop with them.