What options do I have to make my own liquor?

When it comes to making liquor at home, there are two options. One is making a Classic Liquors Kit. The second is using a Liquor Quik essence. Let’s tell you the differences between the two.

Liquor Quik essences can be the most basic way to make your own liquor at home. All you have to do is add a bottle of essence to a bottle of neutral spirit, like vodka, and some sugar. It is an instant result with very little effort.

For those that want to make a liquor flavored cake without the liquor, Liquor Quik is very good for that as well.

If you want to make your own base alcohol, we recommend using Super Yeast Xpress by Liquor Quik. This is a fast fermenting yeast that is capable of achieving 20-25% alcohol. Just follow the directions on the back of the package for how much sugar to use.

For those that want to make the liquor from start to finish, try out a Classic Liquors kit. These kits come with almost everything you need to make 1 gallon of liquor at a time.

You only need to provide table sugar, and water, to make these kits. The rest is right in the box.

Because you are making, and clearing, the alcohol yourself, these kits take about 3 - 5 weeks to be done. You even get to clear the base alcohol by using charcoal. Just like the big boys do. These kits do have several steps, but they are easy enough to do. Just follow the directions that come in the box.