Why do you want to use plastic bottles over glass ones for soda?

When it comes to making soda at home it is strongly encouraged to use plastic PET bottles over glass beer bottles for a number of reasons. Once a person gets the timing down of how long it takes to carbonate a soda in your area, (based on the climate of your region) then some people will switch to using glass bottles, but most stay with plastic. Let’s give you a few reasons as to why to use plastic versus glass bottles.

  • Glass bottles break easily when dropped. This can be a real concern since soda is often made for kids.
  • It is very difficult to know when soda is fully carbonated in a glass bottle. Sure, you could open a test bottle each day until it is carbonated, but why drink flat soda or waste your pop?
  • Soda carbonates very quickly in the bottle, which can lead to over-carbonation and “bottle grenades.” The term, “bottle grenades” refers to an over-carbonated beer, or soda, that builds up so much pressure in the bottle that the bottle explodes. Don’t worry, this is very rare, but it does happen.
  • In a plastic bottle all you have to do is squeeze the bottle to test the soda’s carbonation. When a soda is carbonated, the bottle will become rigid and hard to squeeze. We aren’t talking the hardness of a brick here, but try squeezing a soda bottle the next time you buy one. Then squeeze the bottle after you open it (drink some first). You will notice the difference.
  • You don’t need a capper with a plastic bottle because the caps are reusable, just like the bottles are. With glass bottles you will need new caps each time you make some soda. You would also need to buy a capper if you don’t already own one.
  • So there you go, just a few reasons why plastic is better than glass bottles for storing soda. Midwest Supplies wants everyone to be safe when enjoying this hobby, so just stick with the plastic, OK?

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