What are the differences between the corkers? Will the plastic plunger corker that came with my kit be enough?

  • The plastic plunger corker does work fine, but it is more difficult to operate than the other corkers that we stock, and we recommend using only #8 corks with it. As for the other corkers, the basic rule of thumb is that the more you spend, the easier the corking chore becomes.
  • The Metal Double Lever Corker works on the same principle as the plastic plunger corker, but the levers give you leverage to make it easier to push into the bottle. However, we suggest having an assistant on hand to hold the bottle still.
  • The Gilda Compression Hand Corker is much easier for one person to operate, as it has a plastic iris that compresses the cork for you.
  • The Floor Corking Machine and the Italian Floor Corker are both very similar in construction, the main difference being that the Floor Corker has a plastic iris, and the Italian Corker is equipped with a brass iris.
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