What are the Correct Acid Levels for Wine? How do I Adjust the Acid Level Up or Down?

The following are guidelines for the desired acid levels in various types of wines- Individual tastes may vary, so make adjustments according to your own palate.

  • Dry White Wine—0.65 % - 0.75 %
  • Sweet White Wine—0.70 % - 0.85 %
  • Dry Red Wine—0.60 % - 0.70 %
  • Sweet Red Wine—0.65 % - 0.80 %
  • These figures represent total acidity as a percentage by volume, known as the titratable acidity, or T.A. for short. You may test the acidity of your wine using the Acid Testing Kit  or a pH Meter or a pH Tester . Once testing is complete, you will know what your acid levels are. Compare this value with the suggested T.A. ranges mentioned above.

    If you need to increase acidity: Add  Acid Blend  to increase acidity. 3.9 grams (about ¾ teaspoon) of acid blend to raise the acidity of ONE gallon of must by 0.1 %.

    If you need to decrease acidity: Add Calcium Carbonate to lower acidity, but only to reduce acidity by 0.4 % or less. Do not add more than 1.5 teaspoons per gallon.

    One teaspoon of calcium carbonate will lower the T.A. of ONE gallon of must by approximately 0.1 %.