Why does it take so long for my wine to be drinkable? I want it now!

Wine kits are ready to bottle in 28 or 45 days. This does NOT mean that they are ready to drink. If you really, really can’t wait, the minimum time before a kit tastes good is about one month after bottling. This is long enough for the wine to get over the shock of bottling, and begin opening up to release its aromas and flavors.

Three months is much better, and the wine will show most of its character at this point.

For most whites, however, and virtually all reds, at least six months is needed to smooth out the wine and allow it to express mature character. Heavy reds will continue to improve for at least a year, rewarding your patience with a delicious bouquet.

If you can have some patience, you will be rewarded. Time is definitely the “magic ingredient” in wine. Many home winemakers will add a couple of glass carboys and an additional primary fermenter to their home winery, enabling them to have several batches fermenting at once.

Since wine takes a while to be ready to drink, having multiple batches going all the time will help fill your wine cellar in no time.

You can accomplish this by making 2 to 3 batches per month. Each batch will take three to six months or more before it is ready to drink. If you start with a wine that does not require extended aging, and you made two batches every month, you would have about 60 bottles of wine ready to drink, every month, starting three to six months after you made your first batch!