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The Sovereign Fermenter

Ever since the beginning of home brewing, homebrewers relied on the kindness of strangers: our fermenters have been food-grade buckets, and our carboys from water coolers or repurposed acid containers (it’s true!).

It’s only in the last decade that purpose-designed PET carboys and primaries like the Big Mouth Bubbler have revolutionized the way we make wine and beer.

There’s good news, though! Midwest Supplies has developed a brand-new stainless steel fermenter designed to accommodate your beer, wine, mead or kombucha fermentations with ease. Not only is the Sovereign Fermenter made of easy to clean and sterilize stainless, with a capacious 8-gallon size and a sanitary-sealed lid, it’s also perfectly suited to any fermentation you want to throw at it!

Check out Tim’s video below:

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