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Fruit Wine Making Equipment

The equipment needed to make Wine From Fruit is very similar to the equipment that you need to make Wine From Concentrate, so if you already have that equipment you will need very little else. We provide a complete list of all the equipment you will need to make fruit wine below, but keep in mind that Midwest Supplies offers Equipment Kits that are prepackaged and contain everything you need to get started.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing what equipment you need is the amount of fruit you have. It is important that you have no more than 2-3” of head space in you secondary fermentor once the wine has been stabilized with Potassium Metabisulphite. You can make roughly one gallon of wine for every 4-6 pounds of fruit depending on the recipe. So, if you are using a 3 Gallon Glass Carboy to age your wine you will need 12-18lbs of fruit (3 gallons X 4-6lbs per gallon of wine). If you are limited in the amount of fruit you have access to, make sure that you buy the correct size equipment.

Equipment list to make fruit wine

*Size is determined by how much fruit you have available to make wine.

Find our full line of Wine Making equipment here.

As for the wine ingredients, they will vary depending on the type of fruit you’re using. Our Fruit Wine PDF Library has instructions on making wine from several different kinds of fruit. A Fruit Press and Fruit Crusher are not absolutely necessary for smaller batches of wine, but they are a big time saver if you plan on making 6 gallons of wine or more.

If you’re making wine on a budget, take a look at our PDF titled “I don’t want to invest in expensive equipment. Is there cheaper equipment available to make a small batch of fruit wine?” There are some good hints for extracting the juice using household items instead of a wine press or crusher. But remember, the suggestions in this fruit wine making guide are only for 1 – 3 gallon batches of wine and can get very tiring for larger amounts.

A hydrometer is a must for making fruit wine because a hydrometer is the only way to accurately know how much sugar to add to the wine. If you don’t have one, we suggest picking one up. They are not very expensive, and they go a long way to making better wine at home. A Hydrometer Test Jar and Wine Thief are also handy, and make taking readings with you hydrometer much easier.

We have several options available to help you make fruit wine at home. You are sure to be able to find an option that suites your needs. Midwest Fruit Wine Making Equipment Kits

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  1. 6.5 Gallon Glass Carboy

    From: $49.99

    To: $78.02

    Great for primary fermentation of a 5 gallon batch of wine or beer. Allows you to watch fermentation activity. Uses a #7 stopper or universal carboy bung. Learn More
  2. 6 Gallon Glass Carboy

    From: $41.99

    To: $70.02

    The 6 gallon glass carboy is the ideal size carboy for secondary fermentation of wine. Most wine ingredient kits will make 6 gallons. Uses a #7 stopper or a universal carboy bung. Learn More
  3. Mast Vintner Wine Fermenting Bucket with Lid

    The Master Vintner 7.9 Gallon Fermenting Bucket is the perfect primary fermentor for making wine, mead or cider. The additional head space you get from this fermentor makes for healthier yeast, a stronger fermentation, and ultimately a better beverage. Volume graduation marks are printed on the exterior of the vessel for simplified measuring, and the lid comes with a rubber grommet to help hold your airlock securely in place. NOTE: This fermenter is particularly important if you're making a Master Vintner wine recipe kit with skins due to the additional space the skins take up. Learn More
  4. Fruit Press - #20

    #20 Manual Fruit Press for pressing juice from grapes and other fruit for small batch winemaking. Learn More
  5. Nylon Straining Bag- 18 3/4" x 19"- Fine Mesh
  6. Nylon Straining Bag- 18" x 32"- Coarse Mesh
  7. Nylon Extra Large Straining Bag- 2' x 3'- Coarse Mesh
  8. Nylon Straining Bag- 10" x 23"- Coarse Mesh
  9. Nylon Straining Bag- 10" x 23"- Fine Mesh
  10. Hydrometer (Triplescale)

    Add this hydrometer to your must-have brewing tools. Get accurate, easier-to-read gravity measurements such as determining potential alcohol content or to gauge when fermentation is complete. A must for any beer, wine or mead-maker! This economical alcohol hydrometer reads in 3 scales — Specific Gravity, Brix/Balling, and Potential Alcohol, making it a must-have tool for any homebrewer or wine maker. Click here to see the shatterproof Herculometer™ Triple Scale Hydrometer We also recommend our Mad Brewer Upgrade Kit (#41064) or Brewery Essentials Gravity Testing Kit (#41-54). Learn More
  11. Racking Cane Holder

    A Racking Cane Holder ensures that your racking cane stays put for effective siphoning so you can keep your hands free for other things. Learn More
  12. 3/8" Curved Racking Cane- 15" length

    This smaller sized racking cane is perfect for 1/2 and 1 gallon carboys! No longer worry about losing your siphon when transferring in your smaller equipment. Learn More
  13. Stainless Steel Racking Cane (30 inch)
  14. Auto-Siphon - 5/16" Racking Cane

    Auto-Siphon for transferring from vessel to vessel without the complications of starting a siphon. Learn More
  15. Star San Non-Toxic and Easy Clean Sanitizer
    Star San is an acid based no rinse sanitizer. Star San is odorless, flavorless, and requires only one to two minutes of contact time.

    This product is only eligible for ground shipment within the contiguous United States.

    Learn More

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