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Bourbon Barrel Old Ale Extract Beer Kit

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Bourbon Barrel Old Ale Extract Beer Kit

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This British style refers in part to the strength of the beer as well as the maturation period associated with it. Vanilla, oak and bourbon notes dominate the flavor profile.
Bourbon Barrel Old Ale   ($49.00)

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If you love a strong beer, then our Bourbon Barrel is going to warm you up just right. This beer recipe kit simulates the Bourbon cask experience, only you craft it in your very own home one batch at a time. Just add your own whiskey (we recommend a good brand)! A long, 6-12-month fermentation process is needed, but it’s well worth the wait when you savor the goods of tantalizing vanilla, oak and bourbon favors. The guys in your brew club may even be able to guess what whiskey you used!

  • Rich medium brown color
  • Vanilla, oak and bourbon notes dominate the flavor profile
  • British-style beer refers to the strength of the beer as well as the maturation period associated with it
  • Recommended aging time: 6-12 months
  • Ingredients include: 6 lb. Amber liquid malt extract, 3.15 lb. Gold liquid malt extract, 8 oz. Brown Malt, 8 oz. Crystal 50-60L, 8 oz. Wheat, 4 oz. Aromatic, 4 oz. Chocolate specialty grains, 1 oz. Northern Brewer, 2 oz. Willamette, 2 oz. Fuggle hops, priming sugar, 2 oz. American Oak Cubes, muslin bag, and yeast

Details & Instructions

Additional Information

Beer Style British Ale
Origin of Style UK
Color Dark
Gravity Level High
Hop Rating (1-5) 2
Yeast Instructions

4.9 / 5.0
52 Reviews
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Wonderfully flavorful
I brewed this beer back 5 months ago. To be honest, the only bourbon I had was a bottle of Evan Williams. I soaked the oak chips (more like cubes) in the bourbon for 2 weeks prior to brewing. The kit brewed up awesome and I hit the OG perfectly. I added the bourbon and oak to the fermentor. 2 weeks in fermentation then I racked it to secondary for about 6 weeks. I honestly forgot about it! I finally got it bottled up though. I had to try a bottle here recently. After only 2 weeks in the bottle it carbed up beautifully! The flavor hit me like a truck. I tasted a mixture of roasted malt and vanilla with an mild oaky flavor which subdue the hop bitterness nicely. This isn't a bitter beer by any stretch._x000D__x000D_The only thing I'd do differently is to back off on the bourbon slightly. I used enough to cover the oak chips (about a 1 1/2 cups). Next time I'll stick with 3/4 to 1 cup. Just my personal preference.
February 12, 2011
Absolutely amazing kit! Mine has bottle aged almost 2.5 years and still stuns me every time I open one. Won 2nd in the NYS Fair last year (22c) and have a few 3rd places from other competitions. Patience is the key, the tannins from the oak really need the time to mellow.
May 5, 2010
Viscous and Delicious
This brew requires a little more input than a typical beer (soaking oak cubes in bourbon, putting said cubes in the secondary) but the resulting beer is extraordinary. I have a 10 month old batch in bottles in the basement, and the flavor has noticeably mellowed and become awesome with time. I highly recommend this brew! I used Maker's Mark and the taste is great. Definitely a sipping brew.
August 14, 2012
best reviews yet
I brewed this kit on 6/12 exactly as the recipe calls for .I used makers mark and soaked my chips for a week.I also added 3 vanilla beans to the secondary and let it sit for 5 to 6 months. I have given away several bottles to friends to try and all of them have said it is the best bourbon beer they have ever had.I am ordering another kit tonight
February 20, 2013
Christmas brewed in June.
I bought and I know it is pricey when you add the liquid Wyeast London Ale, which I did a yeast starter for because of the potential ABV. Plus add the Makers Mark Bourbon and it becomes a $70.00 brew. This bad boy fermented well and nearly chocked off the blow back tube, and I have not put in the per-soaked oak chips. Christmas is a long time but this brew has promise.
June 12, 2013
Just amazing. I have made many beers from kits over the years but this was the best EVER! Soaked the oak in Irish Whiskey for a few weeks prior to adding to beer.
March 30, 2010
This is one of my favorites. It definitely needs some time to mellow, but the bourbon flavor really shines.
December 21, 2010
mmm mmm good
My friend brewed this a while back and it was incredible. I just bought this a few days ago, haven't brewed it yet, i have a Belgian wit in the making right now. But i have a question, do i add the bourbon i soaked the chips in with the beer, or would it kill the yeast? I figured that this is going to make it too strong but maybe i could add half or less.
January 9, 2011
The Test of Time
Brewed this back in Dec '10 and was my 2nd or 3rd brew ever. Followed the instructions with a few tweaks. I used 1 1/2c of Southern Comfort 100proof and 1/2c Jim Beam Rye to soak the oak in. Along with that I included 3 vanilla beans and roughly 2 oz of Jack Daniels wood smoking chips. That all soaked for 2 weeks before I brewed the batch and was then added to the secondary. Sat in the secondary for almost 2 months then bottled. Just getting into these now (Jul 11) and man, oh man. This brew by far gets the biggest thumbs up, but the ABV almost immediately requires said thumbs to sit right back down! Will do this again!
July 31, 2011
Great Birthday Beer
I brewed this for the birth and consequent first birthday party for my new baby boy. This beer is awesome. I am still a beginning brewer but this kit was very easy to brew. I used 2008 Forester Birthday Bourbon on the oak chips. Use a good bourbon, don't use crap bourbon and you will be happy that you did. I also even added 3 vanilla beans into the secondary. Moved from primary to secondary and left for 6 months. I then bottled and aged for another 6 months. Patience is the key. This beer turned out awesome and everyone at the party loved it. Buy this kit, brew it using quality additives and forget about it. You will be rewarded largely a year later. I am going to always have this brewing every 6 months.
August 18, 2011
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Do the oak cubes come with the kit or do you have to order them separately?
Larry W on Feb 23, 2017
BEST ANSWER: They come in the kit. Just soak them in bourbon for about a week prior to adding to secondary and aging for 6 months min. I aged mine for close to a year and it turned out excellent!
I brewed this last year and aged it until last month. The flavor is fantastic but there is very little carbonation and no head on the pour. It's been bottled for about a month now. What can I do for next year's batch for better carbonation? By the way, makers mark was a good choice of bourbon for this.
A shopper on Dec 12, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Dear fellow brewer, I used Jim Beam and the flavor is perfect. I also aged mine nearly 12 months before bottling. I altered my recipe several ways. The flavoring and finishing hops had half the recommended time in the boil. I began soaking the oak on the same day as brewing but added 6 chopped vanilla beans to the bourbon soaking oak. I may have added a little extra bourbon. Left it soaking for at least a month. As far as getting more carbonation, be sure to pick up enough yeast when transferring from primary to secondary and also from secondary to bottling bucket. Don't be afraid of sediment. It's a small price to pay for proper carbonation. Try turning the bottles upside down (briefly) once to stir the yeast in the bottle. Wait two weeks or so to test it again. Turn them again if you are still not happy with it. I've been brewing over eight years and have had beers take 3 months or more to carbonate. Maybe use a little more priming sugar, but be careful. Too much and you'll wind up with exploding bottles! Also, make sue it's warm enough where you're conditioning your bottles. I keep it 72-74F. You've waited this long for it, be patient. It will pay off.
Merry Christmas!
I have just completed my primary fermentation with this beer. Per the instructions, a six-month secondary fermentation is recommended, but by then it'll be July here in L.A., and awful hot.

My question: I keep my buckets of brew cool during primary fermentation (submerged in cool water with a frozen water bottle or two) to keep the chance of off-flavors low. Since the summer temps will be climbing outside toward the end of secondary fermentation, do you recommend me re-submerging my bucket or will it not matter at that point? Thanks!
Joseph G on Jan 9, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I have made 4 batches of this great kit and am about to start my 5th. I live on Long Island, NY. I keep my beer and wine in my basement (55-60 degrees F). Your beer will be happy at room temperature while aging, and even a month after bottling, then its time for the frig.BTW, I soak my oak chips in 8 to 12 oz of Jameson, and add the whole mix to my secondary. The result is to die for. I just started drinking the batch I had aging since August 2016. My October batch will be bottled in May. The batch I will start next week will be ready for the winter. My 1st batch, I only aged for 4 months and it only lasted 2 weeks. Now I don't tell my friends when I bottle it. Its for me only. I ferment at 60 to 65F, and have never had a problem. Pilsners and stouts like the cold fermentation. With that said, I'm assuming you have AC or fans to keep your home liveable. I believe you will love this kit. And if you do, you might want to try making a Dunkel.
can I use my keg as secondary fermentor with this kit?
A shopper on Jan 19, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I use a glass carboy and have made 3 batches of this nectar of God so far. I soak my oak chips in a 12 oz bell jar filled with Jameson (my preference...I'm not a bourbon drinker). Let me tell you. Last years batch went fast. So I made two batches this year. I bottled the first yesterday after a five month aging. There was about a cup left in the bucket and I drink it. No carbonation, but damn it was great. I'll crack the first bottle in two weeks. Enjoy, and by all means...get a carboy for the secondary, you'll be happy with the results.
Do I need to sanitize the jar before adding the oak chips and bourbon?
A shopper on Aug 5, 2018
BEST ANSWER: It wouldn't hurt, but I did just because of the first rule to sanitize everything.
Six months in the secondary is a long time and hard on yeast. I'm considering adding yeast along with the priming sugar during bottling. Thoughts?
D E on Aug 16, 2016
BEST ANSWER: It really is advisable with any beer that is in secondary this long. Most all yeast would have settled out, and so it would carbonate VERY slowly or not at all. It would be wise to add a 1/2 pack of new dry ale yeast, or some champagne yeast when bottling, to ensure that there is yeast present in the bottles to carbonate the beer. -Mike W, Midwest Supplies
I want to get this Bourbon Ale for my bourbon-loving boyfriend; I am unclear of which yeast package to purchase to begin brewing during the month of December? Do I need all three or does each individual package yield a different flavor/texture of brew? HELP!
C O on Dec 6, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I am using the Wyeast 1028. It comes in an activator pack which is best for the cold months and produces a great result. Never had a stalled brew with Wyeast activator packs.
Are bottle caps included?
T D on Dec 6, 2015
BEST ANSWER: This kit does not include bottle caps

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