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Captain Crush® Grain Mill

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Captain Crush® Grain Mill

SKU: 41212

The first industrial grade grain mill designed distinctly for homebrewing. Its smoked cast acrylic body is equipped with three horizontally-ribbed stainless steel rollers, featuring dual-gap adjustment settings for reliable feeding and a consistently perfect crush.

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The first industrial-grade grain mill designed distinctly for homebrewing.

Its smoked cast acrylic body is equipped with three horizontally-ribbed stainless steel rollers, featuring dual-gap adjustment settings for reliable feeding and a consistently perfect crush.

Captain Crush is engineered using premium materials—aluminum and stainless steel prevent corrosion, oil-impregnated sintered bronze bushings require no maintenance, and stunning smoked cast acrylic body provides durability, visibility and easy cleanup.

The smoked cast acrylic provides a glimpse into the grain column, allowing you to watch as the grain cascades down the hopper, through the rollers and into the bucket. Better yet, the hopper and base require minimal assembly—simply bolt them onto the mill and you’re geared up to grind your grist.

Optimizing form and function, a raised rim on the underside of the base secures the Captain atop any standard 5 or 6.5 gallon bucket, and the hopper design distributes mass to achieve maximum stability without added weight. Horizontally ribbed rollers provide a more uniform particle size by synchronously feeding grain through the mill gap. And by crushing grain without piercing it, the slotted roller design can grind to a higher level of flouring without facilitating a stuck sparge. Dual gap adjustment enables maximal fine-tuning for a highly customizable, perfect crush and reliable lauter performance. Intuitive adjustment knobs feature hash marks to indicate distinct, repeatable gap settings while eliminating the need for feeler gauges in lining up the rollers. Dimples anchor the set screws in place to ensure a secure gap setting, and the drive shaft is equipped with three large flats to fit securely in the chuck of any 3/8” or larger electric drill.


Hopper: 14” high, 11 lb capacity
Base: 14” x 14”
Mill: 3.5” x 3.5” x 7”
Assembled Dimensions: 14” x 14” x 17.5”
Rollers: 40mm OD
Gaps: adjustable from .025” to .090”

Hopper and Base: Smoked Cast Acrylic
Rollers: Stainless Steel
Knobs: Stainless Steel
End Plates: Aluminum
Bushings: SAE 841 Oil-impregnated Sintered Bronze

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Replacement parts unavailable
Although the Captain Crush looks really nifty, I’ve had trouble for some time getting a consistent crush. The adjustment screws got bend when the mill flipped a while ago b/c I wasn’t holding on to the mill. Exact replacement screws could not be found. I managed with some substitution screws on line, but to no avail. The rollers still came loose and my grist was uneven or didn’t grind at all. After spending a hour to crush grain that should only take 15 minutes many times, I contacted Customer Service. They were super nice and provided an acceptable solution. I am again a happy brewer.
March 7, 2019
Horribly Engineered
This will not consistently mill grain. The set screws that are supposed to hold the space/gap between the rollers do not in any way, shape or form do their job. The result is that you can sometimes mill nicely for 1-2 minutes but inevitably the set screws allow the rollers slide out of alignment. At this point the rollers stop drawing in grain and just spin. For the high price tag on this mill, it ought to work flawlessly, but it certainly does not. If you like spending 1-2 hours to mill 40 pounds of grain, this is the mill for you. This is easily the most frustrating piece of equipment that I own. If you're contemplating buying the Captain Crush, do yourself a favor and buy any other mill you can find
October 2, 2018
over 4 years ago
I read the reviews but decided to purchase this mill anyways...Big mistake!
I read the reviews but decided to purchase this mill anyways...Big mistake! I loved all of the described features and thought it would be exactly what I was looking for. I took my time setting up the rollers setting them to the recommended settings. I carefully adjusted the set screws so that the knobs could still be turned, but weren’t moving too easily. First batch of grain went through perfectly and the crush looked great. The next day I went to crush my next batch of grains for a big brew day. I made it through 7 lbs of grains, refilled the hopper with the next batch of grains and then the mill siezed up just as it started to pull the grain through. I checked the adjustment knobs and sure enough, one had rotated. I noticed the set screw had come loose when I went to turn it back to the proper gap setting. Had to dump the hopper and reset the gap. Got it back to the right setting, checked everything but still didn’t work. Took over an hour to get the mill running again. Don’t buy!!
October 1, 2018
1 year ago
It is great to be able to crush my grain bill at home. Captain Crush does great job.

It did take some time to get it setup. The instructions provided were poorly copied. I can't imagine not having a glossy instruction sheet that you could read would cost that much more.

I do love my Cptin Crush.
March 2, 2018
1 year ago
Captain Crush Review
In short, do not buy. I purchased this mill as I thought I was buying a premium mill that would work with commercial reliability. From the start the mill would not properly feed grain…it was very temperamental at keeping rollers properly aligned without movement. I am an engineer and work on my own cars and airplane…I am very capable at diagnosing and repairing mechanical equipment. I have owned the unit for the past two years and have given up. Buy the cheaper two roller that may not grind as fast, but is reliable. All you need to do is crack the grain to mash…the object isn't to have precision flour milling.
November 5, 2016
Helps a lot
I like this grain mill a lot, I had a terrible thing happen I had hosed it out (being very old) when I tried to turn it over I dropped it broke the pieces off the base thought it was ruined I put it back together with epoxy and it works fine so far.
June 3, 2016
Customer service coming through
I cannot find how to edit my original review. Midwest is standing by their products, as always, and getting a replacement grain mill to me. I will further update with how that works. After talking to several people using them at Midwest I am hopeful.
May 19, 2016
Nothing but problems with this grain mill
Ever since I have had this grain mill, about 2 years, I have had problem after problem getting it to work. Even at the recommended gap setting I still get the rollers spinning without drawing grain into the mill. Once it gets going it will power through the grain but will soon stall out and free spin again. After contact with customer service at Midwest they sent me different set screws for the rollers, obviously this has been a problem in the past. Even with the new set screws I have the same issue over and over again. Even trying different settings this just does not consistently feed grain to crush. At this point I would buy any other mill on the market. Once I can save up, I will purchase another brand.While 2 years, estimated, may seem a long time to fight a grain mill, I normally do one batch every 2-3 months so it took me a while to use it enough that I felt it would be ok to write such a terrible review.
May 4, 2016
Response from Midwest Supplies
Thanks for the review, sorry to hear this one has given you trouble. Not sure what other trouble shooting tips we can offer - be sure to start the drill slowly and ramp it up once it starts feeding. It should be a high torque corded drill. Maybe we can get you a super discount on a new grain mill. If you want a good reliable mill that will just crush the grain and you do not have to fuss with, consider a 2 roller mill. Maybe we can swing like a 25% discount on a new grain mill if you are interested? Let us know if we can help!
November 2, 2016
Midwest Supplies
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