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  1. Make Life Better Thermal Shirt
    Cloak yourself in the comfort of thermal. A classic shirt that provides just enough warmth to keep you comfortable when the sun goes down, made from poly-cotton blend with natural wicking action to help you keep your cool on those long beer runs. With dashing logo that says it all, let the shirt do the talking while you Make Life Better - Brew it up. Learn More
  2. Big Mouth™ Modular Keg 5 Gallon Expansion Kit

    Regular Price: $85.99

    Special Price $55.97

  3. Big Mouth™ Modular Mini-Keg

    Regular Price: $160.99

    Special Price $104.97

  4. Big Mouth™ Modular Keg and Expansion Pack Kit

    Regular Price: $210.99

    Special Price $139.97

  5. Midwest Supplies Plaid Work Shirt - Slim Fit
    Show your love in this Midwest Supplies emblazoned brewing shirt! Learn More
  6. Midwest Supplies Polo Shirt
    Logo Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt in a blend of cotton and polyester. Learn More
  7. Midwest Supplies Chalkboard Beer Styles Infographic Thermal
    Chalkboards are fun. You can write on them, then erase it, then write some more. You can draw a bear, or a lion, or a bear fighting a lion, then erase it and draw some more. If you like beer, you could draw a cool lookin’ beer bottle design, then list a bunch of beer styles from around the world. Well, this shirt is like that last part, except that you can’t erase it, because it’s a shirt. Plus, this long sleeve thermal shirt will keep you warm without the bulk, and it’s light weight makes it perfect for layering because beer is supposed to be cold, you’re not. Learn More
  8. Big Mouth Bubbler® EVO 2 - 6.5 Gallon Glass w/ Threaded Lid

    The Big Mouth Bubbler™ 6.5 Gallon Glass Fermenter keeps primary fermentation simple. The large mouth of the BMB makes transferring wort from the kettle or wine must from the recipe as easy as possible. Cleaning after fermentation is easy too. Whether you use an oxygen wash to help break down residue, or some good ol' fashioned elbow grease, the big mouth makes it easy to get hands on with the fermenter walls without having to use a carboy brush or other tool. Consider adding a Universal Fermenter Harness to make moving your brew or wine quick and easy. Learn More
  9. Fermenter's Favorites® Rack Magic™ Mini Siphon

    Introducing our newest siphon: Rack Magic®! Freshly redesigned to be stronger and easier to clean. This siphon is the easiest, quickest way to transfer wort from primary to secondary or to siphon your delicious brew from carboy to bottle. With the racking cane, it only takes a few minutes to siphon off your batch and the tip on the racking cane is specially designed to minimize the pickup of sediment during transfer. Works with the 5/16" Siphon Clamp, too. Learn More
  10. BeerBug™ Wifi Digital Hydrometer

    Monitor your fermentation from your couch, office, plane, anywhere! The BeerBug keeps you in tune with the inner workings of your brew. Directly measuring density, temperature and reporting in real-time provide you key insights to track and understand your fermentation. Never wonder when your beer will be done, with the BeerBug you know.
    Learn More
  11. Extra Lid Gaskets

    Includes five lid gaskets for use with the glass Big Mouth Bubbler®.

    Note: These gaskets are designed for the original screw-on lid for the Glass Big Mouth Bubbler® only. They will not fit the plastic models and are not designed for use with the new Universal Lid. Learn More
  12. ThermoStar® 12" Stainless Steel Temperature Sensor

    Control the fermentation temperature and hone in on the details that make the difference between good beer and fantastic, hand-crafted homebrew. Learn More
  13. Midwest Supplies Oxygen Wash
    Unleash the power of oxygen! Midwest's fast-acting oxygen wash tears through built up deposits on your brewing equipment. It helps loosen organic materials in minutes and rinses clean leaving no residue behind. Use it to clean kettles, bottles, fermentors, hoses, and more. It's safe to use on glass, plastic, and stainless steel, but is not recommended for use on aluminum. Our oxygen wash is also great for removing stubborn labels from bottles. Learn More
  14. 1/2" MPT x 2'' Threaded Male to Male Connector
  15. Rubbermaid Cooler- 10 Gallon

    Out of stock

    This insulated 10-Gallon cooler is typically used for all-grain brewing. It can be used as a mash tun or as a hot liquor tank with the correct items. Learn More
  16. Stainless Steel Female Quick Disconnect Male NPT - 1/2"

    Used with the Stainless Steel Male Quick Disconnect these quick disconnects seal up very well in either flow direction, without a lot of work in connecting them. Note: These disconnects cannot be combined with any of our other styles of quick disconnects. Learn More

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