Mash Tun False Bottom Adapter

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  • Mash Tun False Bottom Adapter
Mash Tun False Bottom Adapter Mash Tun False Bottom Adapter

Mash Tun False Bottom Adapter

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The Mash Tun False Bottom Adapter comes with everything you need to attach your domed false bottom to the back of your BrewLogic bulkhead or spigot. You get a brass 1/2" MPT to 3/8" barb piece, plenty of 3/8" high-temp tubing to make the connection, and 2 stainless steel clamps to hold everything in place.

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Mash tun false bottom not "universal"

It's definitely a quality item, well made and sturdy, but it's billed as universal, to fit a 5 gal cooler. While it does fit the circumference, the alignment height from false bottom adapter (to ball valve) and existing valve hole I. The cooler are off. The existing valve hole is higher than the adapter height which causes the tubing connecting the two to get slightly pinched, restricting flow. Additionally, the height difference causes the false bottom to be lifted slightly off the bottom of the cooler. The weight of the mash keeps it in place, but you may need to hold the bottom down (recommend using your stirring spoon, not your hand) until it's set.

Hi Kevin, Thanks for the review. We have found that using a more flexible hi temp tubing such as silicone will help prevent the kinking and allow the false bottom to sit flush on the bottom. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Not quite what I expected.

The online photo shows a 3/8" braided hose. _x000D__x000D_The hose that arrived is NOT BRAIDED, _x000D__x000D_I would not have ordered it if I had know it would come with a regular plastic hose. as I have yards of regular 3/8" beer line._x000D__x000D_That being said, the price is reasonable for the brass hose barb and the two stainless steel clamps that were received.

Can't build one cheaper than this

Exceptional value to go with the exceptional value of the 12" false bottom that I also purchased. Very easy to install.

Make sure you measure it.

This tube came with my false bottom, and it worked great, but make sure you measure the proper distance with your setup. There is not much room for error, as you don't want too much tubing bending up in there, and too little tubing won't work at all.