Green Widow™ Hop Spider

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Green Widow™ Hop Spider Green Widow™ Hop Spider

Green Widow™ Hop Spider

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Sludge in your boil kettle is now a thing of the past. The Green Widow™ hop spider allows for massive hop additions spices, herbs, or anything else you can imagine adding to the boil. Integrated hooks allow the Green Widow™ to hang over the edge of your kettle into the wort. The rubberized handle makes for easy removal and doubles as a hanger for storage. Constructed with a tough stainless steel frame and heavy duty 400 micron stainless steel mesh, the Green Widow™ will stand up to even the hoppiest IPA.

  • 400 micron stainless steel mesh will keep hop trub and other kettle additions out of the final wort.

  • Rubberized insulating handle for protection from heat.

  • 14” tall by 6” diameter basket size - perfect size for circulation.

  • Built in hooks to hang on the kettle edge.

  • Capacity volume of 1 Ib. pellet hops.

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SKU 43165

Customer Reviews

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Keepin' it clean!

The fine mesh does a pretty good job of keeping the hops and other additions out of your final product. The sides feel like they are going to crush in when cleaning but so far no problems.

A little short of perfect.

You must have your wort chiller in the 10 gallon pot before dropping this into place or you could have a big mess on your hands. Very difficult to clean thoroughly without a very deep sink or very high faucet. As far as doing the job it was designed for it does it very well.

Hop Spider w/ Grainfather

I purchased the hop spider for use with my new Grainfather. With the recirculating pump I run it through the hop spider to keep the hops circulating. It is nice not having such a mess in the bottom after the boil!

Worth it's Weight in Gold!

Way easier to clean and more sanitary than hop bags. It allows for much more room to let your hops bloom than a tea ball. After a half dozen batches, I don't know how I managed the last 25 years of brewing without it!


Works for exactly what it's supposed to work for. I brewed a DIPA with a ton of hops recently and it saved a ton of hop material from getting into the fermenter. Of course there's still some stuff that gets through, but it kept the vast majority of material out. Would definitely recommend.