P.E.T. 1/2 Liter Beer Bottle, 24 to a case

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  • half-liter P.E.T. Beer Bottle

P.E.T. 1/2 Liter Beer Bottle, 24 to a case

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We recommend using the P.E.T. Bottles as a safe alternative to glass for bottling homemade soda. Plastic bottles make it much easier to know when the soda is done carbonating because they will become very rigid when carbonated. A beer bottle made of glass may become dangerously over carbonated when making soda so we do not recommend using them. These PET bottles are reusable and require 28 mm plastic screw caps (sold separately). It is recommended to soak the bottles in cleanser prior to using (1 Tbsp./gallon, soak overnight). Case of 24

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SKU 40113

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John J.
Bottles Don’t Stand Up

The shipping on these bottles was quick and appreciated. It would be helpful to list caps required (or better yet, include them) as the correct size was not easy to determine. I liked the bottles in general but quickly found that the plastic is not very durable. I had several split and leak just from bouncing around slightly during transport and forget about it if you drop one. The durability on these is not comparable to what I normally use (Cooper bottles) and for that reason can not recommend them.

Trevor P.
Nice quality bottle.

I chose these plastic bottles for some brew I made. I would normally go with glass but I am going to ship them to some family and didn't want them to break. Super easy to use and a nice quality. The caps are sold separately.


Expensive at 35 a case but they work very well and hopefully won't explode like glass. So far so good on out first batch of sasparilla

Rachael B.
Excellent quality

Excellent bottles to hold our homemade root beer. Don't forget, the caps are sold Separately! I missed that and thought that I had ordered extra caps so now I have to reorder for my next batch.

David H.

Prompt delivery and arrived as expected regarding quality.