Deluxe Homebrewing Starter Kit

  • The Deluxe homebrewing start kit contents on display
The Deluxe homebrewing start kit contents on display Deluxe Homebrewing Starter Kit with wort in the fermenter The contents of the Deluxe Homebrew Starter Kit laid out Deluxe Homebrewing Starter Kit Fermenter and carboy dryer Deluxe Homebrewing Starter Kit's wooden mash paddle in-use Deluxe Homebrewing Starter Kit Pint

Deluxe Homebrewing Starter Kit

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Embark on your homebrewing journey with the best home brewing kit in history. The Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit has been tested by our employees and trusted by our customers for the past 20 years. Customer feedback has made this Brewery in a Box what it is today - the staple of every brew cave from essential to exploratory.

We've built this all-inclusive home brew kit to be fun and foolproof with some of the most trusted instruction in homebrewing. Rest assured that no matter what your method of learning, your first homebrew is a guaranteed success.

Folks tend to become very passionate about homebrewing after a batch or two, but we've also seen a lot of new brewers fall in love even before embarking upon their first fermentation. For those of you who are already passionate about hand-crafted beer, like we are, here's the Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit.


  • Your Choice of Recipe Kit
  • 6 Gallon Glass Carboy (Primary Fermentor), Bung & Airlock
  • 5 Gallon Glass Carboy (Secondary Fermentor), Bung & Airlock
  • Blowoff Hose, Funnel & Fermagraf°
  • Auto Siphon & Tubing
  • Bottling Bucket & Spigot
  • Spring Tip Bottle Filler & Tubing
  • Bottle Capper & Caps
  • Carboy Brush & Bottle Cleaning Brush
  • Northern Brewer No-Rinse Cleanser & Carboy Dryer

Our Deluxe kit features a pair of large glass bottles, called carboys, as vessels in a two-stage fermentation process. The additional equipment and extra steps taken with the Deluxe Starter Kit reward the brewer with clearer, clean-tasting beer, as well as the ability to brew a wider range of styles as your confidence grows and sudsy repertoire expands!

Note: Testing the specific gravity of your batch with a hydrometer is the best way to keep tabs on fermentation and for us to help troubleshoot by text, online chat, or email. We highly recommend adding our Mad Brewer Testing Kit or Brewery Essentials Gravity Testing Kit.

Check out our online video here.

This product is only eligible for ground shipment within the contiguous United States.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Every starter kit comes complete with your choice of recipe kits. Just pick one of the three classic recipes below and you'll have all the ingredients you need to take your new gear out for a test drive.

Caribou Slobber Brown Ale Your new favorite session beer. Dense layers of malt, caramel, baking chocolate, and a hint of light-roast coffee give way to reveal a hop character you'll be surprised to find if you're used to drinking English brown ale.

Fresh Squished IPA Dripping with vivid flavors, Fresh Squished is the beer equivalent of visiting your local fruit stand. Flavors and aromas of grapefruit, melon, berries, lime and passion fruit drizzle into a faint herbal, piney background. The sturdy malt foundation of sweet crystal malts and toasty Munich concedes to this indulgent use of Citra and Mosaic hops to achieve remarkable balance.

Irish Red Ale If you're looking for a perfectly balanced, crowd-pleasing pint, you can't go wrong with our Irish Red Ale. There's a reason this kit is our best seller. Actually, three reasons: great, medium-bodied taste, rich coppery color and enticingly low aging requirements.

Bavarian Hefeweizen Brew up a batch of our Bavarian Hefeweizen, and you'll feel the call of a traditional Bier Hall in every sip. This foolproof beer recipe kit yields a medium-bodied, malty and spicy brew, with a smooth mouthfeel and dense, whipped-cream head. A shining, hand-crafted example of Bavaria's signature brew.

Required but not included: a 4 to 5-gallon kettle, approx. 50 empty 12oz beer bottles that accept pry-off caps. See our Homebrew Kit - Beer Bottles, Kettle, Digital Thermometer, and Spoon.

Optional Add-Ons

Brewery Essentials Gravity Testing Kit.

This bundle deal includes a triple scale hydrometer, a test jar, and a beer thief at a fraction of the price of buying each piece separately. While this testing kit is not a requirement for you to be able to make your first batch of homebrew, it will give you the ability to quickly and accurately measure the alcohol content of your beer.

Vital Brewing Equipment Cleaning Kit.

The Deluxe Starter Kit includes 8 oz. of cleaning powder for your new brewing equipment. But if you want to set yourself up for future brew days, we recommend adding on the optional cleaning kit. (Note* we cannot ship this product by air)

Additional Equipment Upgrades

If you have a kettle that holds 5 Gallons of water, that will work with this kit! If you don't, we have a few options for you:

1. The acclaimed 8-gallon MegaPot kettle. It is large enough for all the recipe kit options for the Deluxe Starter Kit, and it will work perfectly as a mash tun when you're ready to advance to all-grain beer recipes. If you buy a kettle with this kit, you'll save $15!

2. The 8 Gallon Undrilled Brew Kettle and Burner Kit. Take your brewing outside of the kitchen.

3. The almighty Brewhouse Ignition Pack. This kit will give you the most bang for your buck. It includes the 8-Gallon MegaPot Kettle, the Dark Star Burner, AND a Copperhead immersion wort chiller! Save $25 by buying this kit!

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Pat H.
Nice kit

Works great for small batches

Oya N.
Everything you need

We loved this set; it has everything you need, plus more. Instructions are very clear. A few surprises: I was expecting it to come with a hydrometer and it wasn't included. The other is that the brewing supplies it came with didn't list the alcohol content. All that aside, we have two glass carboys, two fermentation locks, so we can potentially brew two different beers at once! All the materials we received are high quality. So happy; would recommend to anyone who is setting up their homebrew for the first time. This definitely saves trips to the brewery supply store because everything you could possibly need is in here (except for empty glass bottles.)

Trevor G.

Deluxe Homebrewing Starter Kit

James M.
Starter Kit Has It All

The starter contained everything I needed. I watched the video on youtube and noticed everything in my kit was the same as the items in the video. My first batch was easy. The only difficult part was deciding where to store the Carboy while the beer was fermenting. I carried it downstairs to the basement. It was pretty heavy and slippery. Next time I will fill the carboy up after it is downstairs!

Helen W.
Best gift ever!

I got this for a friend as a birthday present, and he said it was the best present he’s ever gotten! It was so fun to brew and it was DELICIOUS!