Simply Beer 1 Gallon Beer Making Kit

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Simply Beer 1 Gallon Beer Making Kit

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Brew, Drink, Repeat!

You know what’s more fun than cracking open an ice-cold craft beer and enjoying it with friends? Cracking open an ice-cold craft beer that YOU MADE and enjoying it with friends.

The Simply Beer Starter Kit was created to make your first brewing experience as simple as possible. No need for years of brewing school, or huge investments in complicated equipment – the Simply Beer Homebrew Starter Kit has the equipment, ingredients, and instructions you need to brew craft beer in any home. Finally, because we believe simple also means delicious and fresh, we partnered with Northern Brewer to source the freshest hand picked ingredients available. No tin can recipes in this starter kit, just simply great beer. 

Your Simply Beer Kit includes:

  • Siphonless fermenter, lid & airlock
  • Recipe kit ingredients: dry malt extract, steeping grains, premium hops, and brewer's yeast
  • No-Rinse cleanser
  • Complete instructions

You supply:

Your Simply Beer Beer Kit comes with your choice of recipe kits. Choose any recipe for all the ingredients and instruction you’ll need to get started making great beer:


Cascade Pass Pale Ale: More than any other style, this West Coast American Pale Ale is responsible for bringing craft beer onto the national scene. Sure, it might seem tame to today’s palate, but back when pale ale hit the beer scene it was considered “extreme.” Now it's as classically American as baseball and apple pie. Decidedly clean, perfectly hoppy, and drinkably bitter, this isn't an ale that feels the need to jump up and down and scream for your attention. Whatever the pairing, anytime is a good time for this mainstay. (ABV: 5.5%) Click here for Cascade Pass Pale Ale Recipe Kit Instructions

Bavarian Blonde Ale: The biggest beer festival in the world was built on the back of easy-drinking beers like this Bavarian Blonde Ale -- a staple first in the biergartens and music halls of Munich, then around the globe. Golden and light in color, though not a lightweight. Pure, but far from simple. This crisp, clean blonde ale calls for good times, high spirits and a table crowded with friends. Prost! (ABV: 4.5%) Click here for Bavarian Blonde Ale Recipe Kit Instructions

Log Splitter Brown Ale: Spend any amount of time in the great outdoors and it's clear that nature cannot be tamed. This surprising Brown Ale is just the same. Classically dense layers of malt, caramel, baking chocolate, and a hint of campfire coffee give way to reveal an unexpected hop character seldom found in a typical English brown ale. The finish is complex but balanced, with a gravity low enough to make it the perfect beer to pair with almost any meal...especially those enjoyed under the stars. (ABV: 5.3%) Click here for Log Splitter Brown Ale Recipe Kit Instructions

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Customer Reviews

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Richard O.

My beer turn out great 😃👍 I be ordering regular beer ingredients no ale it's ok I need good jobs grain sugar drops an yeadt

Walter B.

the problem is at my end. the temperature limits are hard to stay within. even 1 or 2 degrees out an it stops fermenting



Best gallon fermenter

I’ve homebrewed for a year now before finding the simply beer kit. The beer is pretty good, easy to make, even though the hops were missing. The best part for us gallon brewers was the fermenter, with a widemouth lids. Easy to clean. Easy to use.
Customer service needs help !

Stacy L.C.
Fun product

My husband enjoyed the kit. Easy, simple first time beer making.