Crystallized Citrus and Mint - Mojito Flavoring

  • Cut limes and mint leaves

Crystallized Citrus and Mint - Mojito Flavoring

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Crystallized citrus and mint powder allows you to enjoy the taste of a thirst-quenching Mojito in whatever you brew or ferment without the hassle of fruit and muddling mint. Made from juice and oils from real fruit, this fruit replacement can be used to enhance the flavor of Beer, Hard Seltzer, Wine, Cider, or Kombucha. Heck even to make a quick Thursday night Mojito...just add rum!

Same great crystallized lemon strawberry powder that is used in our Mojito Hard Seltzer Recipe Kit.

Try a Mojito twist with your next Master Vintner Tropical Bliss Kit.

Recommended to be added at bottling or kegging to taste, 18 grams should be more than enough for most 5 gallon batches.
Add the crystallized citrus packet to 1 cup of water until dissolved. Heat to boiling briefly then add to bottling bucket or keg. Add a little at a time and taste until you are happy with the flavor level.

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  • 18 Gram Packet
  • Made from real fruits
  • Sugar-free
  • No artificial anything
  • Water Soluble 

Note: Crystallized citrus mint is in the form of white powder that looks similar to a fine sugar, and will not look like the fruit pictured.

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Very Flavorful

I made a batch of hard seltzer , I used this flavoring , because the other flavores I tried to mix just didn't work, so I Rushed delivery , this pre made flavor , it worked better than I thought and far better that mixing test batches with concetrates , & getting screw faces from my Victims ( Taste testers ) I strogly advise this if you are meking this flavored beverage !