Designing Great Beers

  • Designing Great Beers by Ray Daniels

Designing Great Beers

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More than just a recipe book or merely another how-to manual, Designing Great Beers is an indispensable guide intended for brewers interested in formulating their own beers based on classic styles, modern techniques, and their own vision of the perfect beer. With more than 200 tables, Designing Great Beers offers brewers knowledge on the essence of various styles, giving them the needed insight to create their own beers including Six Steps to Successful Beer, Hitting Target Gravity, Pilsner and Other Pale Lagers, Yellow-Red Proportions of Beers, Malts and Caramels, and Common Hop Varieties and Their Typical Alpha Acid Levels. Designing Great Beers is must reading for every home brewer, microbrewer, and armchair brewer contemplating the perfect beer. 404 pages.

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SKU B007

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Great book for the technical enthusiast, historian, or average brewer

Interesting read. Certainly a lot of information. As a new brewer, I am certainly enjoying the plethora of information, and the history involved, with some of the styles in the 2nd section.

How to select your ingredients

It's all about what makes the flavors of each of the elements in your beer (barley, hops, yeast). After you read Palmers "How to Brew" this is the next one to read, but only after you have brewed for a year and gained knowledge about the ingredients. Probably the single best book on home brewing overall.

A lot of good info

Bought this book when I first got into all grain. Read it and thought I knew quite a bit. Referenced it recently for a beer I was designing and ended up reading the whole book again. A ton of great information, too much to absorb in a few sittings

How to really brew and understand teh ingredients you are using

This is an advanced book that every intermediate brewer should read. Then read a again a year later. Not only do you learn about ingredients, you learn about styles.

Lots of valuable information

This book has more information that any other brewing book I've read. The part of the contents of the award winning beers is the best part, since it gives me an idea of what ingredients to consider for a style.