Blichmann Therminator™ Wort Chiller

  • The Therminator™ Wort Chiller with elbow joint
The Therminator™ Wort Chiller with elbow joint Back-view of the Therminator Wort Chiller

Blichmann Therminator™ Wort Chiller

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The Therminator Wort Chiller from Blichmann Engineering is the fastest way to chill your wort to yeast pitching temperatures so your fermentation gets off to a quick, bacteria free start. The Therminator features brazed stainless steel plates for reliable, leak proof performance. The Therminator is super efficient, using less water than other chillers, and still provides high performance chilling even with warmer ground water temperatures. It is capable of chilling 10 gallons of boiling wort to pitching temps in just 5 minutes when using 58ºF cooling water at a flow rate of 5 gallons per minute. Essential equipment for large volume brewers.

Get your fermentation off to a fast, bacteria-free start. Chill your wort to yeast-pitching temperature in a flash with the Therminator. It chills 10 gallons of wort using 58° cooling water (at 5 gallons per minute) in just 5 minutes! It’s the most effective wort chilling device available.

  • Chills 10 gallons of wort in 5 minutes (using 58° cooling water at 5 gal/minute flow rate)
  • 316 stainless steel plates and fittings, brazed together with pure copper in an oxygen-free furnace
  • Eliminates the possibility of leaks unlike a gasket type unit
  • Features low-restriction, garden-hose size water inlets and outlets, and 1/2" MPT wort inlets and outlets
  • Low restriction allows for use with a gravity feed or a pump
  • Can be sanitized by flushing with sanitizer, by boiling or recirculating boiling wort, or by baking in an oven
  • Back-flush hose assembly (sold separately) can be used to flush water back through, to clean out unit after use
  • Includes stainless mounting bracket and detailed instructions

The Blichmann items ship directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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SKU 7516

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david p.
Best chiller on the market.

I have used counter flow and immersion chillers and none come close to the Blichman plate chiller. Easy to use and clean immediately after use.


this thing is bad ass. used to take us 30 min to knock out 5 gallons. now it takes 1 min. excellent purchase. just make sure midwest sends the right hookups for your march pump- also everything on this kit requires 1/2�?��� tubing

Best chiller out there

I have used a couple different methods to cool my wort but this plate chiller is the best. The claim of 10 gallons in 5 minutes is no exaggeration. Loving the ice cold winter as the wort cools even faster. One of the better investments I have made in my brewing. _x000D_The only problem is the price, there are other companies with similar products for much less. A buddy has the ripoff version of this and it works almost as well.

Limited only by the temperature of my water

In winter it cools anything as fast as I can pump it. In summer when the water warms up I first recirculate for 5 minutes and drive the temperature way down to under 120F. Then I run the feed through a prechiller sitting in cold water and can get my wort down to pitching temperature.

part of my new Top Tier

I now have the ability to brew half a barrel and cool it in a reasonable time. The old immersion chiller took an hour for 15 gallons, while the Therminator takes around 15 minutes