FastWasher Rack

  • FastWasher Rack without carboy attachment
FastWasher Rack without carboy attachment FastWasher Rack all set up side view without carboy adapter Fastwasher Rack with Carboy attachment, no pump FastWasher Rack disassembled with parts all laid out. FastWasher Rack exploded parts view. Fast Washer Rack with Carboy FastWasher Rack with Keg on carboy attachment. Carboy attachment for FastWasher Rack FastFermenter on FastWasher Rack FastWasher Rack with a bucket ontop.

FastWasher Rack

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Cleaning and Sanitizing are truths in homebrewing and winemaking you simply cannot ignore. The FastWasher Rack allows you to focus on what matters to you the most — the brewing. The FastWasher Rack is durable, easy to use, and versatile for just about any fermenter you can throw at it. You’ll be wishing you had one for not only cleaning but for rinsing and sanitizing as well.

If you have used FastWasher 12 or 24 you are going to love the new FastWasher Rack. Once again the creators of the FastWasher family are bringing you another Get Out of Chores Free card. Engineered from dishwasher safe high-density plastic, it’s easy to assemble in minutes no tools needs.

Even more simple to use, place the FastWasher Rack in a sink or bin filled with cleaning solution, invert the fermenter or keg onto the FastWasher Rack and let the powerful pump do the rest. Use your FastWasher 12 anywhere with the highly recommended Cleaning & Sanitizing Tote (not included). No scrubbing. No nonsense. Just extra time to start your next batch or enjoy the last. 

Clean and sanitize almost every type of fermenter from 1 gallon to 14 gallons. From glass to plastic and even stainless steel, if it fits on the FastWasher Rack it will clean it.

Place the FastWasher Rack with pump in the Cleaning & Sanitizing Tote or similar bin/sink. Fill tote or sink with your preferred cleaner solution, we recommend PBW. Lower inverted fermenter or keg over the center post so it rests on the FastWasher Rack, or Carboy adaptor if using. Plug in the pump and let the FastWasher Rack do the rest. 
Note: Make sure to have a fermenter/keg on the FastWasher Rack before plugging in the unit, it will start to pump cleaner right away. 

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Compatible with all Big Mouth Bubblers and Little Big Mouth Bubblers. Along with our Sovereign Stainless Steel Fermenters and all carboys that Midwest Supplies offers.


  • 530 Gallon per hour CE/UL pump
  • Fast Washer Rack w/ 4 legs
  • Carboy Adaptor
  • 12" Center Post with coupler and "T"
  • 3 barbed hose attachments


  • Size w/ barbed attachment: 10.5" wide x 15.5" long x 18" tall 
  • Rack with just legs size: 10.5" wide x 15.5" long x 4.7" tall

For more time-saving, creative solutions to everyday cleaning and fermenting check out our full lineup of FastFerment and FastWasher products!

Customer Reviews

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Took longer to fill with sanitizer than to assemble. Easy setup. What used to be a wrestling match with the carboy, was a simple easy process. Put everything together, add sanitizer water, put carboy on and plug in pump. Stand back and watch, piece of cake. It would be nice to have a switch to start and stop it, but I would buy again.

Jesse G.
Fast rack washer

It came on time and as expected, it would be nice to have a heating element to keep the solution from cooling off as you use it though. I did walk away while it was running...came back to a counter full of wife had a good laugh at my expense - so did I.


Great product, gets the job done quickly without fuss. The only complaints I have are, no on/off switch and documentation. You will need to run the pump through a power strip that has an on/off or plug, then unplug from a wall outlet. The second thing is you’ll get a bag of parts, that are not marked or identified in the booklet. There are a few sentences that hint at function, but discovery is let up to you working it out. Still a great solution for what can be a messy task.

Yet to use

I haven’t used it yet but all of the parts are there and it looks fairly simple to assemble and use.

Very Useful Tool for the Price

My testing revealed that, without any attachments on the pump, I was able to put up a column of water of about 8 inches (measured from the top of the pump housing). With just the (included) 12” PVC pipe installed, it was about 8” above the pipe. With the PVC and the (again included) ¼” barb fitting installed, I got a column that reached 2 feet above the fitting - for a total of 3 feet above the level of the pump housing. With the attachment that allows for rinsing the output tube while also rinsing the interior of a keg, I got a column of about 1-½ feet above the upward facing fitting.
My conclusion is that the pump has adequate output to thoroughly rinse the interior of any container that is no more than 2-½ feet tall. This is, of course, under ideal circumstances (everything is brand new).
I found out that, when rinsing my 1 gallon fermenter, the neck isn’t big enough to allow enough water to flow out before the incoming water is overwhelmed and, after about 10 seconds, I need to stop the pump to allow it to drain out before continuing to rinse.
Also, using an inline foot switch to operate the pump (I bought mine on Amazon) is worlds better (and somewhat safer) than struggling with the plug to turn it on and off while trying to stabilize whatever I’m rinsing.