Big Mouth Bubbler 5 Gallon Plastic Fermenter with Harness

  • Big Mouth Bubbler 5 Gallon Plastic Fermenter with Harness
Big Mouth Bubbler 5 Gallon Plastic Fermenter with Harness Big Mouth Bubbler 5 Gallon Plastic Fermenter

Big Mouth Bubbler 5 Gallon Plastic Fermenter with Harness

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Product Details

The revolutionary Big Mouth Bubbler® Plastic is a virtually indestructible fermentor, equipped with 3” thick anti-flex ribs, a punted bottom and decreased base diameter for extreme strength and durability. Its smaller footprint preserves precious brew cave space and allows for convenient storage inside a standard brewing bucket.

Now Including our Universal Harness for lifting, transporting and ensuring your Big Mouth Bubbler lid stays in place during even the most intense fermentations.

Purpose-designed from head to toe, Big Mouth Plastic features improved strength and durability through a decreased base diameter, punted bottom and 3” thick anti-flex ribs. Equipped with a taller body and smaller footprint, Big Mouth Plastic is ultra-storeable, fitting easily inside a standard bucket to take up less precious brewing space. Constructed from food-grade PET, Big Mouth Plastic features gallon graduation marks for instant volume measurement, plus a punted bottom to efficiently settle out yeast and promote crystal-clear finished fermentations. And, of course, its revolutionary wide mouth eliminates glugging and enables hands-on cleaning for a faster, cleaner clean. Finally, get your hands wet.

The new Big Mouth Universal Lid (included) fits all Big Mouth Bubbler® Fermentors, and has ribbed silicone rings ensure a completely air-tight seal. Upgrade to a dual-port lid plate for continuous thermowell monitoring in one port to sustain constant ideal fermentation temperatures and take gravity readings without ever removing the lid. 

We have thoroughly planned out every last feature of this innovative product, right down to it’s physical construction. After untold amounts of research into the properties of PET plastic, we fanatically chose to make the Big Mouth Bubbler® with as little plastic as possible while still maintaining a high degree of structural integrity and brute strength. What does this all mean? It means that the impact to our planet Earth is as minimal as possible. We call this a win-win situation. Check out the Plastic Big Mouth Bubbler® for yourself. You will never go back to a traditional style carboy again.

Additional Information

SKU '42905

Includes our Universal Harness for Big Mouth Bubbler.

Important Note: Do not fill any Plastic Big Mouth Bubbler® fermenters with very hot liquid - temp should not exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 Celcius) 

BIG MOUTH BUBBLER® Product Specifications:

Capacity: 5 gallon 6.5 gallon
SKU: 42905
Weight: 3.4 4
Height (w/lid, closed): 22" 23"
Diameter: 10" 11"
Mouth: 5.5" 5.5"
Fermentor Material: PET PET
VIDEO: Big Mouth Bubbler® Plastic Fermentor

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Customer Reviews

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Nerone F.
Love the BMB System

The Big Mouth Bubbler (BMB) primary fermenters are really useful. I had been waiting to get a 5-gallon size to use for primary fermentation of 3-gallon batches (and was so happy when they finally came back in stock). They work really well for that purpose with plenty of head space (but taking up a smaller footprint on our wine-making workbench). I have heard others say they have experienced the BMB lids coming off during fermentation; we have never had that problem and usually forget to use the included harness. However, the fact that there is a system included with the purchase that would avert that potential issue, means this really should not be a concern. This is definitely our go-to primary fermenter.

Walt S.

Big Mouth Bubbler 5 Gallon Plastic Fermenter with Harness