Home Brew Dual Keg System - Used Ball Lock Corny Kegs w/ Double Body Regulator

  • Double-Handled Reconditioned Keg
Double-Handled Reconditioned Keg Dual Home Brew Keg System, which is Reconditioned Ball Lock Corny Kegs attached to a Double Body Regulator Draft Brewer Dual Keg System - Reconditiond Ball Lock w/ Double Body Regulator O Rings CO2PO® Double Body Regulator Gas line to connect to a gas tank Ball Lock Beer Line Assembly

Home Brew Dual Keg System - Used Ball Lock Corny Kegs w/ Double Body Regulator

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Build your very own taproom.

The Used Dual Keg System is your very first one-stop-shop for building a taproom at home. Start serving and sharing right away. Quick setup, minimal maintenance. Switch out brews or relocate the party on a minute’s notice. Add an empty 5 lb. CO2 tank to complete your setup.

Features of this affordable Taproom in a Box:
  • Two Reconditioned 5 gallon ball lock kegs
  • Two sets of fully assembled tap lines with nimble, swivel-connected tap lines
  • Gas line to connect to a gas tank
  • Perfect Pours Guaranteed - real-time pressure readings, ultra-durable CO2PO Double Body Regulator allows for flexible PSI setting
  • Full carbonation in 1-2 days, instead of 2-4 weeks (CO2 tank not included)
  • Oxygen Wash for deep-cleaning and two Used Keg Seal Kits include all of the o-ring replacements you may need

How is this kegging system so affordable? 
Great question. This system features five-gallon used ball lock corny kegs, which have been pressure tested. Kegs include the o-rings and poppets that were installed when we received the kegs. We will change an o-ring or poppet to get the kegs to hold pressure. Kegs will show normal wear and tear, may have stickers, and will also have syrup residue in kegs as we only dump them. Replacement keg seal kits and cleaner are included to get your used kegs like new.  Used kegs will require cleaning. 

Additional Information

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CO2 tank not included, but required.

Note: In order to maintain inventory, our kegs are sourced from multiple locations. They are a mix of single and double-handled kegs and we can not guarantee which style will be shipped when placing an order. Most of the kegs have black protective tops and bottoms but color may vary. The appearance will vary but all our kegs have been tested and approved to hold pressure.

Customer Reviews

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Mark M.
Great deal

I’ve never legged before so this was my first step in that direction. Everything arrived in good condition and both kegs were under pressure. A little cleaning and sanitizing and both are now delivering perfectly carbonated beer. Should’ve done this a lot sooner. Could have saved myself a lot of time cleaning bottles.

John B.

Home Brew Dual Keg System - Reconditioned Ball Lock Corny Kegs w/ Double Body Regulator

Dave L.
Reconditioned kegs

This is the second time I've ordered the reconditioned kegs and I was equally impressed with the equipment. The kegs had superficial cosmetic flaws and dents but the accessories are new. I did have an issue with one of the ball locks, but a $15 replacement took care of that.

Rey A.
Great system to start kegging!

Very cost effective! Each of these items would cost significantly more than what you pay in this kit. Why have one keg when you can have two?
This kit comes with everything you need (minus the CO2 tank) to carbonate and serve beer from 2 kegs. Both kegs fit perfectly in my kegerator, with the CO2 tank. I like the threaded fittings they included in the kit, makes cleaning the lines much easier.
The dual regulator setup makes it easy to customize your CO2 feed for each beer. Plus the dual system comes in handy for a Beer Gun setup. Use one output for pressurizing the keg the other for the Beer Gun. Perfection!

James C.
Used Corney system

excellent system .... great price ... only had to replace one poppit but other than that tanks were under pressure when I got them and both hold pressure well now