Center of Gravity® Brew Sculpture

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Center of Gravity® Brew Sculpture

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We've taken our premium brewstand and upgraded the burners to give you more heating power. Now featuring a larger burner element that boasts 65,000 BTUs per tier! Speed up your brewing process! A revolutionary, pro-quality brew sculpture in a powerful, compact package—at a compact price.

The Center of Gravity® is built to brew right out of the box. Everything you need from burners to propane lines. Virtually tool-free setup. A tiny total footprint of just one square meter. Quick, compact storage. Center of Gravity® is the first all-in-one brew sculpture that you can set up in 15 minutes and break down to fit in a hockey bag.
An innovative design delivers a structure both powerful and portable. Sturdy yet surprisingly lightweight, the Center of Gravity® brew stand weighs only 90 lbs. It is easy to move and even travel with—break it down and throw it in the trunk of your car for the ultimate brewcation! The Center of Gravity® is perfect for brewers who lack the storage space for a more permanent brew stand.

Kettles up to 19 inches tall can be used with this gravity brew stand. Check out our 15 gallon MegaPot 1.2™ for the perfect size kettle for 5 or 10 gallon batches.

The very top tier is where your Hot Liquor tank will be placed. Pre-heat your sparge water during the mash and have hot water on demand when you want it.

Your Mash Tun will be placed on the middle tier. No more bending or reaching to monitor strike temperature, add grains, check mash pH, and watch the flow-rate of the sparge. Direct fire your mash kettle to maintain accurate mash temperatures or step-mash schedules using the precise needle valve control on the propane burner.

The bottom burner tier will hold your boil kettle 26 inches off the floor. When the mash is complete, easily collect your pre-boil wort, pump-free. Once you've boiled and chilled, conveniently drain directly into your sanitized fermentor. There’s enough height to feed a counter-flow chiller with gravity too.

Each burner can be controlled independently. Heat the sparge water while you mash, or start preparing strike water for a second batch, while finishing the boil on the first.

Pair this with the MegaPot 1.2™ Pro All-Grain Brewing System for the all grain brewing stand of your dreams..

It’s the last brew sculpture you’ll ever need for making beer at home—or in the wild.

Made in the USA from domestic and imported components.

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Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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SKU 41465

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Brew tower

I've had this tower for a while now and have brewed numerous batches with it. I really like the compactness of floor space this takes up, yet I have plenty of burner space for my 15 gal kettles. Because it allows gravity transfer, it really saves from handling hot, heavy wort. I recently added a pump to it and that has helped when I have had to push liquid further than I can with gravity drain.


My buddy and I both have the Center of Gravity and love it. It took me 20 minutes to put up and 10 to take down.

Don't use close to flammable materials

Even though I tested before I started my brew I still had two separate hose fires during the steeping process and had to finish with another furnace. Be very careful using this device. If possible replace or repair every connection on the hoses.

Hope there was no damage. Always a good idea to test for any leaks and read all instructions to ensure it is used safely. This has not been the normal experience. Do you need our help with any damaged or defective items? Cheers!
Brew Sculpture

Probably be ok. It will take time to plumb it and will be a while before I have time to use it

Looks good on paper or on the web

Looks good on paper or on the web but fails to perform in the field. Today with an outside temperature in the lower 80s and starting with water at about 85 degrees I could not get 5.5 gallons to boil. It was all it could do to get the water to 150 degrees steeping temperature. And that is with just one of the burners going. I tried two different propane tanks just in case it was a gas problem. It was not. Fortunately I have another burner I was able to use to finish my brew day. If not for that it would have been a really bad day.