Home Brew Keg System w/ Reconditioned Cornelius (Corny) Ball Lock Keg

  • Reconditioned Single Ball Lock Corny Keg System
Reconditioned Single Ball Lock Corny Keg System Home Brew Keg System w/ Reconditioned Cornelius (Corny) Ball Lock Keg CO2PO Dual Gauge Regulator Foam Free Beer Serving Line Gas Connection Line

Home Brew Keg System w/ Reconditioned Cornelius (Corny) Ball Lock Keg

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Product Details

Build your very own taproom.

The Reconditioned Single Keg System is your very first one-stop shop for building a taproom at home.

Start serving and sharing right away. Quick setup, minimal maintenance. Serve from any nook or cranny in your home. Switch out brews or relocate the party on a minute’s notice.

Features of the Home Brew Single Reconditioned Keg System:

  • Reconditioned 5 gallon ball lock corny keg
  • Fully assembled tap lines
  • Perfect Pours Guaranteed - real-time pressure readings, ultra-durable CO2PO® Dual-Gauge CO2 Regulator, twist-and-go pressure knobs
  • Fits Absolutely Anywhere - nimble, swivel-connected tap lines
  • Full carbonation in 1-2 days, instead of 2-4 weeks (CO2 tank not included)

Holy cow. How is this system so affordable?
Great question. This system features a five gallon reconditioned ball lock corny keg, which has been cleaned, de-labeled, sanitized, and pressure tested. We then change out any parts that need replacing, package ‘em up, and ship them right to your doorstep.

CO2 tank not included, but required.

Additional Information

Support Documents - Instructions Click here for instructions


Note: In order to maintain inventory, our kegs are sourced from multiple locations. They are a mix of single and double handled kegs and we can not guarantee which style will be shipped when placing an order. Appearance will vary but all our kegs have been tested and approved to hold pressure.

Customer Reviews

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A great investment if you're looking to upgrade.

Much like getting a used car under warranty, getting a reconditioned keg is a wonderful thing. It's affordable to get into, it will do what you need it to, and it's already got some age on it, so that scratch you put in it setting it up at your buddies place doesn't even matter that much.
I'm sure I'll be doubling down an order for more soon.

Bent post otherwise clean

The keg was in good condition except the liquid post. It was bent and couldn't be bent back without breaking it. Although it should've been fixed the customer service rep reached out after I emailed them and within an hour a new order was placed for the post and it was at my front door before the end of the week. Great customer service! Would buy this again knowing how fast they would fix an issue.


I would buy it again. Just keep in mind that your going to need an o ring kit. Because of that, 3 ?.

Poppet broken upon arrival

One poppet was broken. I'm glad I unscrewed the post to check them before first use.

Good Stuff

Great condition for being used. Quick shipping. Very satisfied.