Zombie Dirt Citra IPA 2 Gallon Beer Recipe Kit

  • Zombie Dirt IPA homebrew in a glass with "Two-gallon" written within a blue circle

Zombie Dirt Citra IPA 2 Gallon Beer Recipe Kit

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We're in the face of an epidemic where Citra is the only cure, but it's been hidden under lock and key! We've hoarded every last bit we could get our hands on and thrown it into a limited quantity of Zombie Dirt kits, as many as we could make with dwindling stores of the harvest. Act now and save yourself! Brew as much Zombie Dirt as you can before it too late.

One whiff of the infectious aromatics is enough to reanimate the dead. Zombie Dirt is a ballad to the epicly hard-to-find pale ale of the Midwest, an epidemic centered just outside of Chicago. Loaded with pure Citra hops, this pale ale is rarer than zombified-unicorn dust. 

Staggering citrus, melon and passion fruit come alive in this pale, single-hop Citra showcase. Toasty malt limps in the background as the apocalyptic bite of grapefruit-honeydew hop character lurches forward. Zombie Dirt is the only defense against homebrew hunger, but a single pint is never enough protection. 

  • Brewed with 100% Citra hops.
  • Moderate bittering additions and large late kettle additions push the aroma of this beer to the maximum.
  • Flavors and aromas of tropical fruits and citrus dominate, but are well balanced by the slightly toasty malt character brought forth by the addition of Munich malt.
  • This is a beer intended to be consumed very fresh - the hop character will fade quickly with age.

The perfect small batch size for the 3 Gallon FastFerment Conical Fermenter.

Additional Information



Beer Color Light
Original Gravity


Total Time to Make 4 weeks
Regional Style USA
Alcohol Content Medium
Yield 2 Gallons
Beer Style American Pale Ale/Cream Ale,IPA
Fermentation Type Ale
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