Beer. Simply Beer - IPA Recipe Kit

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Beer. Simply Beer IPA homebrew beside a bottle IPA Making Kit IBUs, potential alcohol, and OG graphs

Beer. Simply Beer - IPA Recipe Kit

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Designed for the purist…Beer. Simply Beer. It has everything you need to brew great beer and nothing you don’t. We’ve stripped away all the extras to reveal the very heart of a traditional American IPA.

The result? The most streamlined, straight-forward brewing experience ever. And a sessionable ale with all of the characteristic bitterness and flavors of definitive American hops balancing the malty backbone to perfection.
Simple perfection. That is what Simply Beer is all about – recipes, ingredients and instructions designed to keep brew day simple, and deliver beer that’s perfect for everyday drinking and sharing.

Life is complicated. Beer. Simply Beer isn’t. Cheers!

5-Gallon Extract Recipe Kit Includes

  • Malt Extract

  • Dry Yeast

  • Hops

  • Priming Sugar

  • Brewing Instructions

Additional Information



Beer Color Light
Total Time to Make 6 weeks
Regional Style USA
Alcohol Content Medium
Yield 5 Gallons
Beer Style IPA
Fermentation Type Ale
Beer Recipe Kit Instructions Click here for recipe kit instructions

Customer Reviews

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brown ale

Simply beer kits are awesome!

Thumbs up

Midwest has always been great and stands behind all of their products. I order periodically from them as I purchase very little from other sources.
I have never been disappointed and only twice have I been shorted on my order. They then made it good by me immediately and sent the missing items. I have nothing but great things to say about Midwest Supplies and their organization.
Thank you Midwest!

Nice refreshing brew

This was my first beer kit. I was worried about how it would come out but I followed the instructions and was very satisfied with the results. It is more hoppy than commercial beers I am used to but after the second glass it seemed just right. It has a rich malty flavor profile and crisp hops flavor. For my first beer home brewing experience it was fun and awesome tasting. It has a thick rich head and very satisfying taste. I will definitely make it again. These kits make it easy to change the recipe to make it flavored to my taste and has everything needed to make a very tasty and satisfying beer. I'm hooked now and will be making a lot of beer. I just always thought it was too hard to get good results at home brewing beer but the instructions make easy to get really good beer at a fare price that is really fun to make.

Always excellent IPA

Perfect starter. I beef it up some and it's great!

Nice brew!

I got this kit to try b/c the reviews were high. It did not disappoint! Brewed on 9/5 and used WYeast 1056 because I had on hand. Bottled on 10/5, at 5.25% abv. Tasted today 11/1 for the first time we were surprised at how good it was! I know my friend will like this and I think this will be one we make again!