Dual-Stage Temp Controller with Heat Wrap

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Dual-Stage Temp Controller with Heat Wrap




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In one fell swoop, you can control the most important variable in making great beer--temperature. Wrap your brew in the warmth of the electric fermentation heater, and dial-in the exact temperature you need with our Dual-Stage Temp Controller. It's that simple. This is the perfect addition to your fermentation chamber, or exactly what you need to get started building your own!

Control fermentation with razor-sharp precision, monitoring the actual temperature of your fermentation. Just set the Temp Controller to the ideal range for your yeast, and let it do the work of making better beer for you!

Kit includes:

This bundle makes a great gift for brewers or winemakers of any skill level.

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Customer Reviews

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Kelly M.
Wine Heater

The controller and heat strip works wonderful.

Wrap & Controller perfect combo

Works as described on stainless or plastic fermenters and secondaries. Does not wrap completely around but no worries. Painter's tape holds wrap and sensor securely during fermentations. Keeps set temps within limits as described. A very worthwhile purchase if your tired of heat blankets and ice buckets to accurately control fermentation temps. Been there done that. Should have acquired this controller and wrap much earlier to save frustration and improve control quality as I do three and four 6.5 gallon fermentations simultaneously each month.

Jeffrey L.
Needed an easy way to keep my wort warm for the bacteria to work in a sour

Wrapped the heater around my stainless steel kettle and secured it with electrical tape. Taped the temp probe to the side of the kettle with a piece of bubble-wrap taped over it for a more accurate measurement. Kept my wort between 79-80 degrees in a 66 degree room to sour it. Worked like a charm.

Richard P.
Works like a charm!

Plugged a three outlet plug into “cooling “side of unit - added Midwest brew belt and pad - tested with water filled big mouth bubbler- kept at desired 72 degrees with NO issues. Looking forward to swapping water for the real thing.

Michael L.
Works well

The wrap around heater and thermostat worked well. Kept my fermentation around 80 degrees, which was warm enough for my fermentation of an Amarone.