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European Pilsner Extract Beer Kit

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European Pilsner Extract Beer Kit

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A golden colored lager that really makes an impression with the bitterness, flavor, and aromatic character of the indigenous Czech Saaz hop.
European Pilsner   ($31.00)

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This Pilsner is brewed in the tradition of a classic Czechoslovakian Pilsner. A golden colored lager that really makes an impression with the bitterness, flavor, and aromatic character of the indigenous Czech Saaz hop.

Our ingredients for this recipe include: 6 lb. Pilsen liquid extract, 8 oz. Carapils, 8 oz. Crystal 10L Malt specialty grains, 2 oz. US Saaz pellet hops, yeast, priming sugar and a grain bag.
Details & Instructions

Additional Information

Beer Style European Lager
Origin of Style Czech
Color Light
Gravity Level Medium
Hop Rating (1-5) 3
Yeast Instructions

4.9 / 5.0
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Not Bad
This was my first lager and it turned out pretty decent. I personally think it could have used a little more hop bitterness, but everyone else seems to like it the way it is. I will brew it again. I added 1/2 lb of DME to boost the alcohol content and I used the Wyeast activator.
March 4, 2011
Ready for Summer!
My first lager, and it came out great! Followed the lead of the guy who used an oz. of Tradition hops for extra bittering, then I split the ounce of saaz aroma hops, using half at 5 mins. left and dry-hopping the other half-ounce. Primary at 50-55 degrees for 10 days, secondary 8 weeks in my unheated attic at 35-44. Tastes quite a bit like Pilsner Urquell, which is what I was shooting for. So I'm looking forward to the warm weather and some nice cold ones.
April 13, 2011
Pretty good
This beer is a good pilsner. A little sweeter and not as much hop character as I like, but that could be my fault. All in all, if you let it sit there for a while (3 months or so) in the bottle, it gets good. I followed the directions it came with, and it came out well. All my friends and family who have tried it have loved it. The price cant be beat for a good, quality pilsner. As with all beers, it gets much better with a few months in the bottle.
May 3, 2011
Pretty close to Pilsner Urquell
This is my first lager experience. I built digitally controlled fermentation box especially for this project and finally had great success. I used Saflager S-23 dry yeast because WL-800 I ordered with this kit was DOA. Saflager S-23 has some "temperature features" - this is the main reason why traditional lager brewers often have disappointing experience with this strain. The colder is not better for this strain - the very low temperature produces too fruity flavor, that's why it must be used as close as possible to 59F._x000D__x000D_Poland Spring Water, boilled ~4 gallon, topped to 5 with raw Poland Spring, SG 1.048, FG 1.009_x000D__x000D_2 weeks in primary bucket with airlock - 1st week at 54F, second week at 59F, then the rest for 24 hours at 72F._x000D_2 weeks in secondary glass carboy with airlock. Final gravity 1.023 (refractometer), 1.009 - hydrometer. _x000D_After 6 weeks in keg (34F) I finally got pretty good clear beer very close to Pilsner Urquell. Will definitely brew it again.
September 4, 2011
Good Beer but lacking the Wow Factor
This is a really good base beer, but I think its lacking a WOW factor. Another person suggested adding bits of orange durning the last 5 min of boil and that might be the wow factor I am looking for. All in all a very good beer.
October 1, 2011
Very smooth and tasty
This makes a very smooth tasty beer .. The color is a tad darker gold than typically seen in a standard pilsner but nothing that would take away from it being so good...Over all it's great , people loved it and I'd brew it again..
December 10, 2011
Great with Belgian yeast
I'm a new brewer, and I purchased this kit not realizing the need for cold fermentation. So, I tried using Belgian yeast (Wyeast 1214) instead. It turned out exceptionally well. It was smooth and had a spicy aftertaste while maintaining the qualities you'd expect in a Belgian.
July 5, 2012
I did it my way
Due to my location and lack of cold weather and no room or money for a lager chest, I decided to try this kit with WY1007 yeast at as close to 60 as I could. _x000D_My wife and some friends don't care for my hoppy brews and wanted something lighter and low in calories so I brewed this up. It's been a while since I've done an extract kit and since I was short on time, didn't have time for all grain brewing._x000D_I let this ferment for 3 weeks then into a keg and some bottles. I put the keg (2.5 gallon size) in a dorm fridge and am letting it sit at 50 for 3 more weeks but the bottle test I tried way too early , wasn't bad at all._x000D_I think that in another 2 weeks, the bottles will be perfectly ready and already my wife says she likes it.
October 29, 2012
A nice smooth, easy drinking Lager!
My eldest son is a fan of Light Lagers, so with him in mind, I set out to make my first Extract Lager. This kit offers all the advantages of any extract kit - very straight forward, and requires limited time. Following kit instructions, and using the Wyeast 2007 Pilsen Lager Yeast, with my OG @ 1.046, I began initial fermentation at 69 F and left it there for 36 hours, transferred to 55 F. for ten days, gave a 48 hr diacetyl rest, transferred to secondary and onto 48 F. for 4 weeks. FG would possibly have dropped more over a few more weeks, but, was not noticebly budging from 1.014, so I called it a beer. Finished product is a cross between Budweiser and Fosters. A very nice, clean, smooth, easy drinking lager. Would recommend to anyone who is a fan of light lagers. Cheers!!!!
December 9, 2012
I used the WYEAST 2007 with an additional pound of pilsner RARH in the steep. (I add extra grain for natural flavor and to anticipate the addition of water to the secondary if needed to better fill the carboy._x000D__x000D_At this time, the beer is mostly fermented and is beginning the lagering stage, and already it tastes smooth and clean. One of my best so far and it is not even ready for bottling. Can't wait to try it this spring, and I intend to brew a few more batches before the snow disappears.
January 4, 2013
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First time lagering a beer. The boil and primary fermentation were perfect and executed per the instructions provided. When the secondary fermentation came around the firdge i was using died for about a week and a half and the beer warmed to an unknown temp (thermometer maxes out at 60F and it was pegged out, fridge is kept outside on a patio in south FL). After, a week and a half the fridge worked again and the beer cooled down to 40F for the next 2 weeks. I opened the bucket to start the bottling process and found some white matter (could it be mold?) floating on the surface of the beer. White matter formed in discs about the diameter or a watch battery and there were probably 20 of them.

Two questions: is the beer still viable? What could be the white matter?
A shopper on Jun 1, 2018

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