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FAQ Topics

 Are Cleaning and Sanitizing different things?
 Do you carry anything other than boxed wine kits?
 How do I bottle my wine?
 How do I prepare a yeast starter? What are the benefits?
 How do you bottle beer?
 How do you make a lager?
 How do you pour the perfect glass of beer?
 How long is the fermentation process?
 How much fruit do I want to add to my beer?
 I just received my smack-pack (propagator/activator), and it appears to be puffed up already. Is this an indicator that it has already been activated?
 I see there are different types of corks available, why?
 I’m allergic to sulfites. Can I make wine without them?
 What are the differences between Ale vs. Lager beers?
 What are the differences between the various cleaners?
 What is Home Brewing? How can I get started?
 What is the proper way to use my yeast?
 Why do I need a false bottom? What purpose does it serve?
 How can I increase the alcohol in my beer?
 What are alpha acids, AAU's, HBU's, and IBU's?
 What is the difference between ale and lager yeast?
 When is my Kombucha ready to drink?
 How do I create my own recipe?
 How do I take a hydrometer reading?
 What kind of kettle should I use for brewing?
 How do I sanitize my bottle caps?
 What are hops and what is their function?
 No activity in the airlock
 Quick directions for brewing 5 gallons of beer with malt extract, specialty grains, hops, yeast, and priming sugar.
 Glass Carboy Secondary Fermenters
 How do I determine the alcohol content of my beer?

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