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There are four major types of lighting systems available right now: incandescent, fluorescent, high intensity discharge, and L.E.D. lights. Incandescent lights are horribly inefficient (especially the screw-in "grow bulb" type) and really not an acceptable option for plant growth. Although they are inexpensive to purchase, their cost of operation makes them the costliest source of light.

There are a lot of fluorescent lights on the market now that work fantastically. These can be a compact bulb fashion or in a tube model. HID lights are your typical growing light option. These include most remote ballast/reflector options out there. Finally the L.E.D. is the newest technology on the market today. They offer lower wattage and cooler functionality then traditional options. To pick the right lighting system for you think about what type of plants you will be growing, the size of the area and what type of set-up you are looking for.

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