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Beer Boiling Equipment

The proper boiling equipment is essential to creating great beer. Burners and stainless steel brew kettles are designed to boil ingredients evenly, while boiling bags and strainers are helpful to keep sediment out of your fermentors. Get the best flavors from your beer by using the right boiling equipment for your home brewery.

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  1. Ss Brewtech Stainless Steel Mash Tun 20 Gallon

    From: $579.99

    To: $638.98

    The Ss Brewtech Mash Tun is the stainless steel solution to the old cooler collecting dust in your brew cave. Sleek, innovative, and affordable, the Brewtech Mash Tun gives you industry tech at homebrewer prices. Learn More
  2. Stainless Raise Your Game Kettle & Burner Kit

    You've proven yourself as a brewing prodigy. It's time to step up your game and build out your brewhouse. This kit will take your brewing to the next level. It comes with our Stainless Dark Star propane burner and an 8 Gallon Megapot 1.2 complete with a thermometer and ball valve. A savings of over $30 purchased together! Learn More
  3. Raise Your Game Original Burner Undrilled MegaPot

    Raise your game and don't just make better beer, make more of it. Skyrocket quality and efficiency and start making the most of your brew Learn More
  4. Dark Star® Stainless Burner

    The new Dark Star Stainless Burner puts a new shine on an old classic. We took everything we loved about the Dark Star and made it even better! This time we built it stronger and sleeker. Forged from even more durable stainless steel. Fully operational. Envy-inducing. Learn More
  5. Ss Brewtech Stainless Steel Brew Kettle (10, 15, 20, and 30 Gallon)
    The Ss Brewtech 304 Stainless Steel Brew Kettle is engineered to ensure you brew the cleanest, clearest wort possible, and it’s built to last a lifetime. Sleek, innovative, and affordable, this Brew Kettle gives you industry tech at homebrewer prices. Learn More
  6. Dark Star® Burner 2.0

    High Powered, Low Priced. Easy enough for beginners to use, powerful enough for pros to master. Dark Star® is no longer a starter burner, packing enough power for quick boils and even heating on up to 15 gallon batches. Dark Star® 2.0 is a whole new beast of a burner. Faster full-volume boil. A bigger, better built-in wind guard. Easy to use banjo-style burner loaded with 65,000 BTUs of brewing power for better beer in a fraction of the time. Learn More
  7. Edelmetall Brü™ Burner

    As low as: $149.99

    This sexy, super-charged, copper-clad masterpiece pumps out 72,000 BTUs of finely-tuned firepower that goes from zero to full boil in no time flat. Fully-loaded with a precise needle valve that banishes boil-overs and allows for crucial adjustments, the Edelmetall Brü® Burner adjusts to fit any diameter kettle. Supports up to 30 Gallons. As sturdy as it is stunning, this is the last burner you’ll ever need—or want—to buy. Learn More
  8. Brewhouse Ignition Pack
  9. Blichmann HellFire™ Floor Burner

    From: $149.99

    To: $194.98

    The Blichmann HellFire™ burner is unlike anything else on the market and is sure to satisfy all your heating needs. This custom made burner is tuned to operate in high efficiency mode, and also in a second high power mode. In the high power mode, you'll be amazed with 140,000 BTU/hr output for blazing fast heating - double the power of our previous burner. Waiting for a boil is now a thing of the past.
    Blichmann Floor Standing Burners may ship directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 10-14 Days for delivery. Learn More
  10. Gigawort™ Electric Brew Kettle

    Want to brew a quick batch without dragging out the gear? Got an extra hour on a weeknight and want to make the most of it? Limited brew space got you down? The Gigawort™ is the answer. Learn More
  11. The Grainfather Connect - Self Contained Electric All Grain Beer Brewing System - Now with Bluetooth Hero

    The Grainfather allows you to mash, sparge, boil and cool, all in the one fully electric, self contained system. Now includes the Connect Controller. You can take direct control of the Grainfather with your iPhone or Android using bluetooth. Use the Connect Control Box in conjunction with the Connect App for the ultimate brewing experience. The Grainfather is an all-in-one All-Grain brewing system designed to declutter your brew cave and put everything you need in one compact package. No need to take your craft outside, with this fully electric system you are safe to brew indoors! The Grainfather system is the perfect brewing companion for both new and experienced All-Grain brewers looking to streamline the brewday experience. Manufacturer's Instructional Booklet Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery, as The Grainfather will ship directly from the manufacturer via FedEx Ground. Learn More
  12. Edelmetall Brü™ Burner Leg Extensions

    Designed to complement the stunning exterior of the Edelmetall Brü® Burner, the leg extensions raise your kettle to 27” while providing the structural rigidity required to support heavy kettles. Learn More
  13. Blichmann Hellfire Stand Mounted Burner

    The next generation in Blichmann Burners. The HellFire™ stand mounted burner was specifically designed for use with the TopTier modular brewing system. It is dual mode capable, allowing you to get your water boiling in HellFire™ high power mode in a fraction of the time or save on fuel with the 80,000 BTU high efficiency mode.
    This not a free-standing unit. It is only compatible with the TopTier modular brewing System.
    The HellFire™ Stand Mounted Burner will ship directly from the manufacturer Please allow 10-14 Days for delivery. Learn More
  14. Cast Iron Banjo Burner 10" (burner only)

    Burner jet without stand - requires regulator kit. Runs at 210,000 BTUs on propane only, and cannot be converted to natural gas. Includes brass orifice and air intake cover plate. Learn More
  15. 5 Gal. Economy Stainless Steel Brewing Pot

    Boil your batch without breaking the bank. This economical 5-gallon stainless steel brewing pot works well for extract brewing and is an affordable option for brewer who’s just getting started with his or her hobby. Size allows you to add more water to your boil and still have room to catch messy boil overs before they happen. Learn More
  16. Edelmetall Brü™ Kettle
    Introducing the most feature-rich pro-quality brew kettle at an incredible price. Edelmetall is the first kettle to feature a weldless tangential whirlpool port, allowing you to draw ultra-clear wort into your fermentor. Transfer every last drop of wort. Edelmetall Brü® features our patent-pending IsoFlow® diptube—a fully-rotating snap-in accessory that draws down to within ⅛” from the bottom of the kettle. Best of all, the Edelmetall Brü® is equipped with all the features of a pro-quality kettle—304 Stainless Steel, 4mm tri-clad bottom, stay-cool silicone handles, etched gallon markers and the adjustable-angle Edelmetall Brü® thermometer. A kettle fit for a king, yet priced for the people. Learn More

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