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For many home brewers, building and tinkering with equipment is almost as fun as the brewing process itself. Our brass and stainless fittings can turn a seemingly normal steel kettle into a metal masterpiece, while the hoses and plastic polysulfone fittings and March Pumps will bring more power to your set-up.

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  1. Anti-gravity Transfer Pump

    Transfer from primary to secondary, conical to keg, carboy to barrel, wine or beer… the possibilities are endless! Learn More
  2. Counterflow Connection Kit Parts

    We’ve taken the all the work and complexity out of plumbing your new counterflow chiller. Learn More
  3. Counterflow Connection Kit - Pump Kit

    We’ve taken the all the work and complexity out of plumbing your new counterflow chiller with a pump (NOT INCLUDED). If your brew system utilizes a pump to whirlpool and cool your kettle of wort this kit is everything you need to make all your connections and plumbing. Learn More
  4. Bucket Opening Tool

    The perfect multi-tool for any homebrewer or wine maker. One side helps in opening the lid off of fermenting bucket and the other makes taking the cap of wine bags a breeze! Learn More
  5. Ss Brewtech Tri Clamp Gaskets (set of 3)

    -1.5” Tri Clamp Gaskets for 1.5” Tri Clamp fittings -Compatible with Ss Brewtech 1.5” Tri Clamp fittings -Pack of 3 Learn More
  6. The Steelhead 2.0® Brew Pump with Mounting Bracket

    A new kind of brew pump, Steelhead 2.0® has been completely redesigned for brewing. Features:
    • Stainless steel head
    • Maintenance-Free Brushless Motor
    • 24V DC power supply
    • Quiet Operation
    • Handles Liquid Up to 250°F
    • 7 GPM (27 l/min) with a 5m maximum head
    • Weighs only 1.9 lbs.
    • 1/2” NPT Inlet and Outlet
    • Custom Durable rubber mounting bracket
    • Mounting Bracket features (2) ¼” holes spaced 4" apart allowing you to customize mounting to your brew stand or area
    Connect it all with the Transfer Quick Pump Connector Kit Learn More
  7. Chugger Stainless Steel Inline Pump

    Out of stock

    One of the most valuable tools in the brewer’s tool box. This pump features a stainless steel head, and is food grade, making it the best option for transferring hot wort and other hot liquids. Make your brew day easier and safer with the Chugger SS Inline Pump. Learn More
  8. Steelhead 2.0™ Mounting Bracket

    Brew day just got even easier! With the Steelhead 2.0® Mounting Bracket you can mount your Steelhead 2.0® pump just like the pros. Designed specifically for the Steelhead 2.0®, this Mounting Bracket allows you to fix the pump wherever best fits you and cleans up your brew area. Made from a durable rubber construction and featuring (2) ¼” holes spaced 4” you can customize your brew stand/ area with ease. Learn More
  9. Transfer Quick Pump Connector Kit

    Faster to set up than a silver bullet. Helps your beer leap tall brew rigs in a single bound. This is the hardware kit that you need in order to take your pump to the next level. Everything you need to make your pump quick to set up and quick to take apart on brew day so that you can get back to what is really important - drinking...um, we mean brewing. Learn More
  10. Turn Key Clamp - 3/8"-7/8" - 10 Pack

    Stainless steel Turn Key Clamp fits larger OD beverage and thermoplastic tubing, sizes 3/8", 1/2", 5/16". Learn More
  11. 6" Boil Screen

    Stainless mesh tube replaces a false bottom in a mash tun or boil kettle for lautering wort or filtering whole hops. Overall length is 12.5 inches; 1/2" male pipe threads. Learn More
  12. Stainless Steel Male Quick Disconnect w/ 3/8" Barb

    Stainless Steel Male Quick Disconnect 3/8" Barb Learn More
  13. Stainless Steel Male Quick Disconnect 1/2" Barb
  14. Stainless Steel Female Quick Disconnect FPT

    This features a 1/2" FPT on the other end for easy connectivity to almost everything. Made from 304 stainless steel. Learn More
  15. Stainless Steel Female Quick Disconnect 1/2" Barb
  16. Stainless Steel Female Quick Disconnect MPT

    Used with the Stainless Steel Male Quick Disconnect these quick disconnects seal up very well in either flow direction, without a lot of work in connecting them. Note: These disconnects cannot be combined with any of our other styles of quick disconnects. Learn More

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