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Brewing Equipment

Mashing Beer in a Brew Kettle
Choose from our wide variety of beer brewing supplies; Brew Pots & Kettles, Glass Carboys, Big Mouth Bubblers, Plate & Immersion Wort Chillers, Wort Pumps, Homebrew Kegs, Yeast Starters, and more.

Not to leave out; Beer Bottles, Bottle Labels and Beer Bottle Caps & Cappers to give you options for your finished homebrew bottles a professional look. Just learning how to homebrew?

We also have Beer Making Starter Kits & Equipment that include all the basics to start making beer at home. Most of our equipment kits are designed to brew 5 gallons batches of beer.

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  1. Draft Brewer Dual Keg System - Reconditiond Ball Lock w/ Double Body Regulator

    Regular Price: $249.99

    Special Price $199.99

    Build your very own taproom.

    The Reconditioned Dual Keg System is your very first one-stop shop for building a taproom at home. Start serving and sharing right away. Quick setup, minimal maintenance. Switch out brews or relocate the party on a minute’s notice. Add an empty 5 lb. CO2 tank to complete your set up. Learn More
  2. Brew. Share. Enjoy Homebrew Starter Kit

    Regular Price: $169.99

    Special Price $109.99

    The Brew Share Enjoy® Homebrew Starter Kit was designed by our team of professional home brewers to provide the best out of the box first-time beer brewing kit experience on the market. This all-in-one kit includes everything you need to start home brewing today including either our Block Party Amber Ale recipe kit OR our Chinook IPA Extract Recipe Kit, as well as a 5 gallon stainless steel kettle. Highly recommended by homebrewers. Best reviewed starter kit in online comparisons. Makes 5 gallons of craft beer quality homebrew. Learn More
  3. Northern Brewer No-Rinse Oxygen Wash 8 oz.
    Get the gunk off your gear without all the elbow grease. The Northern Brewer No-Rinse Cleaner is specially formulated to wash your brewing, kegging, & fermentation equipment without the tedious final rinse. Learn More
  4. Reconditioned 5 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs (Four Pack)

    Regular Price: $299.99

    Special Price $219.99

    This set of 4 reconditioned ball lock kegs plus 4 keg seal kits and 2 lb. of Oxygen Wash ships free and provides one of the best values. These reconditioned ball lock 5-gallon kegs are used, but have been tested and approved to hold pressure -- their most important task. Though the exteriors may have cosmetic imperfections, we guarantee that they are pressure-capable, as each and every one is pressure tested. Needed, but not included, is a CO2 cylinder, Regulator, and Ball Lock Gas Line Assembly, and Ball Lock Beer Line Assembly lines. Learn More
  5. Northern Brewer Universal Harness for Big Mouth Bubbler With Spigot

    The harness is compatible with every member of our Big Mouth Bubbler line both plastic and glass, both regular and siphonless. It also works with standard 5, 6, and 6.5 gallon carboys. Learn More
  6. Limited Edition - Craft Beer Making Set - Summer Squeeze Lemon Shandy Contents

    Limited Edition Craft Beer Making Gift Set Unwrap one big, beautiful box. Brew your own beer. Just like that. This limited edition gift set contains absolutely everything you need to brew, plus our ultra-popular Summer Squeeze Lemon Shandy recipe. And you can only get it for a limited time!
    Learn More
  7. Siphonless Little Big Mouth Bubbler® Plastic Fermenter

    Eliminate the need for siphoning with our new small batch fermentor! Attach your bottle filler to the spigot and bottle directly off the fermentor. The punted base allows the trub to settle out to keep your finished beer clear. Learn More
  8. Bucket Opening Tool

    The perfect multi-tool for any homebrewer or wine maker. One side helps in opening the lid off of fermenting bucket and the other makes taking the cap of wine bags a breeze! Learn More
  9. Deluxe Homebrewing Starter Kit
    Embark on your homebrewing journey with the best home brewing kit in history. The Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit has been tested by our employees and trusted by our customers for the past 20 years. Customer feedback has made this Brewery in a Box what it is today - the staple of every brew cave from essential to exploratory. We've built this all-inclusive home brew kit to be fun and foolproof with some of the most trusted instruction in homebrewing. Rest assured that no matter what your method of learning, your first homebrew is a guaranteed success. Folks tend to become very passionate about homebrewing after a batch or two, but we've also seen a lot of new brewers fall in love even before embarking upon their first fermentation. For those of you who are already passionate about hand-crafted beer, like we are, here's the Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit. Learn More
  10. Master Brewer's Equipment Kit with Draft Brewer 2.0

    Regular Price: $740.00

    Special Price $519.98

    Finally homebrewing mastery in one fell swoop. The Master Brewer’s Equipment Starter Kit features a comprehensive collection of brewing equipment, an extra carboy, advanced testing and experimenting equipment, and best of all the ability to KEG YOUR VERY FIRST BATCH! We’re not exaggerating when we say “There’s literally nothing you can’t brew”. Waiting for your beer to carbonate can be the hardest part of homebrewing. So we decided….why wait? Our Draft Brewer® Tap-N-Fill keg system provides you with lightning fast carbonation time (days instead of weeks), and the revolutionary Last Straw™ Bottle Filler provides you with the versatility to bottle your carbonated beer to take to any occasion. Expand your repertoire, and impress your family & friends as you blast full speed ahead into the unlimited styles and techniques of the homebrewing universe. Release your inner Brewmaster.
    Learn More
  11. Beer. Simply Beer. Starter Beer Brewing Kit.

    Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t! There’s no better time to start than now. The Beer. Simply Beer. Starter kit has everything you need to make great homebrewed beer including our five star reviewed Pale Ale recipe Kit.
    Easy to use equipment and simplified brewing process and instructions makes the Beer. Simply Beer. Starter kit ideal for any newcomer to home brewing. So, why not start today? Learn More
  12. Craft Beer Making Kit - 1 Gallon on Black

    Regular Price: $59.99

    Special Price $49.99

    The perfect solution for new brewers and the perfect gift for brew-curious craft beer friends! Make your own beer the small batch way! We've spent countless hours in the Brew Lab eliminating every obstacle that stands between beginning brewers and the perfect homebrew. We got rid of the mess, the mystery, and every possible brew day mishap. And when we were done, what was left was a small but revolutionary beer making kit containing everything you need to create the perfect brew...our One Gallon Craft Beer Making Kit. Just follow the instructions or watch our online video here and within a couple of weeks, you'll yield a gallon of homemade, handcrafted beer (approximately 8-10 twelve-ounce bottles). More than enough to make an unforgettable impression at your next party. Learn More
  13. 12 oz Beer Bottles -  Amber Glass - Case of 24

    Our amber glass 12 oz beer bottles are sold 24 to a case. This beer bottle fits any of our bottle caps (except the 29mm European), and comes in a handy cardboard box complete with dividers. You’ll need just over two cases of these beer bottles for each 5 gallon batch of homebrewed beer. Learn More
  14. 22 oz Beer Bottles  - Amber Glass - Case of 12

    A popular choice since it only takes about half as many bottles to bottle a batch of beer as the 12 ounce bottles. You will need 2 cases of these to bottle a 5 gallon batch. These bottles fit any of our bottle caps, and come in a handy cardboard box complete with dividers.
    • Case of 12, larger 22-oz. amber beer bottles
    • 5-gallon batch requires 2 cases of these bottles
    • Takes half as many bottles to bottle a batch of beer as the 12 ounce bottles
    • Bottles fit any of our bottle caps, and come in a handy cardboard box complete with dividers
    Learn More
  15. Northern Brewer All-Grain System Hero

    We’ve taken our All Grain Cooler System and added upgrades to provide the best possible brewing experience. The completely redesigned mash/lauter tun features tick insulation, a large 12+ gallon capacity and the first ever integrated thermometer. The large capacity will easily handle any 5 gallon brew you can throw its way, from session beers to Imperials, and it is even large enough to accommodate 10 gallon batches up to a gravity of 1.065. Learn More
  16. Single Keg System - Reconditioned Ball Lock

    Regular Price: $169.99

    Special Price $129.99

    The Reconditioned 5 Gallon Single Keg Starter System is your first one-stop shop for building a taproom at home. Start serving and sharing right away. Quick setup, minimal maintenance. Serve from any nook or cranny in your home. Switch out brews or relocate the party on a minute’s notice. This system features a 5 gallon reconditioned ball lock keg, which has been cleaned, de-labeled, sanitized, and pressure tested. We then change out any parts that need replacing, package ‘em up, and ship them right to your doorstep. Learn More

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