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Brewing Equipment

Choose from our wide variety of beer brewing supplies, including kettles, siphons, carboys, fermentation equipment, wort chillers, pumps and more. Our assortment includes various beer bottles, labels and bottle caps to give you options for your final brew. Starting from scratch? We also have beer brewing equipment kits that include all the basic essentials needed to start brewing beer at home. Most of our equipment kits are designed to brew 5 gallons of beer per batch.

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  1. Beer. Simply Beer. Starter Beer Brewing Kit

    Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t! There’s no better time to start than now. The Beer. Simply Beer. Starter kit has everything you need to make great homebrewed beer including our five star reviewed Pale Ale recipe Kit.
    Easy to use equipment and simplified brewing process and instructions makes the Beer. Simply Beer. Starter kit ideal for any newcomer to home brewing. So, why not start today? Learn More
  2. The Catalyst Fermenter

    If you could eliminate one chronic homebrewing time-suck, what would it be? How about the Transfer Trap…You know, where you endlessly shift your homebrewed beer from fermenter, to secondary to bottling bucket, to bottles, risking contamination and messy spills at every step.
    The great news is, you can. There’s a better, simpler way: The Catalyst – an ingeniously designed fermentation system from Craft-A-Brew that separates sediment, eliminates transfers and allows you to bottle straight from your fermenter.
    The Catalyst’s tank is made from Tritan™, a food-safe, BPA-free polymer. This revolutionary material retains the same clarity and smoothness of glass, but is resistant to shattering. It is more durable and outlasts the other types plastic typically used in homebrewing. You can even put it and the removable silicone gasket in your dishwasher for easy cleanup. Properly cared for, the tank will last for years to come.
    With The Catalyst Fermentation System, it’s easier than ever to make great beer at home…and look good, AND save time, AND…what are you waiting for? Escape the Transfer Trap and learn some better brewing moves today. Learn More
  3. PicoBrew Pico™ Personal Craft Beer Brewery

    The Pico is an automated beer brewing appliance that can brew 5 liters of craft beer in about 2 hours and grain-to-glass serving time of less than one week. Craft any beer style you want - from IPA's to session ales to stouts and porters – simply with the push of a button. The Pico uses ready-to-brew PicoPak ingredient packs that allows you to brew fresh, brewery quality craft beers from the convenience of your own home. PicoPaks contain fresh hops and grains ingredients and brew renown beers from breweries such as 21st Amendment to Rogue Ales, as well as from an endless assortment of award-winning breweries across the USA and abroad. Choose from an ever-growing list of your favorite craft beers from the PicoBrew Brewmarketplace, and then personalize any craft beer to your liking with a quick adjustment of the bitterness or alcohol percentage. With the Pico you can craft a variety of fresh beer your way every day of the week. The sleek, compact and modern design of the PicoBrew allows it to fit comfortably on any kitchen or bar countertop, matching the decor of any home. The expertly engineered Pico brings the brewing process to life, and with minimal cleanup and attention needed, it is the perfect accompaniment for your next party, family holiday, or big game. Be the envy of all your beer drinking friends with the new Pico, which gives you the freedom to brew the impossible. Learn More
  4. Pico™ Personal Brewing Keg

    An essential component of the Pico brewing system, this keg is designed to brew and dispense your handcrafted microbrews. The 1 1/3-gallon, stainless-steel barrel is perfectly sized for home use, with rubberized handles and base that provide a comfortable hold and stability. When brewing and fermenting are complete, the standard ball-lock connector allows you to serve beer on draft from your kegerator. Learn More
  5. MegaPot Dial Thermometer - 3" Dial with 2.25" Probe

    This dial thermometer features an easy to read 3 inch face and a 2.25 inch probe that extends into your kettle. The ½" male NPT threads are compatible with welded kettle fittings that use a standard ½” female NPT opening. Easily recalibrate this thermometer using the calibration screw on the back of the dial housing. Learn More
  6. Cornical Keg

    The Blichmann Cornical Keg is used only for the Blichmann Cornical Keg & Fermentor system. This modular keg system has a removable bottom that makes cleaning and sanitizing ridiculously fast and easy. When you combine the Cornical Keg with the Blichmann Cornical Fermentor you can easily change your dispensing keg into a pressure capable fermentor. No racking to a second vessel needed! Learn More
  7. Cornical Turnkey Kit

    From: $499.99

    To: $674.98

    The Blichmann Cornical Keg & Fermentor is a unique fermentation and kegging system like nothing on the market. Made into two main pieces, the Cornical Keg & Fermentor allows you to ferment, carbonate, and serve all in one vessel. The first piece of the Cornical is a keg system with a removable bottom that makes cleaning ridiculously fast and easy. The second piece is a versatile conical bottom that clamps onto the keg and converts it into a fermentor. The versatile design allows you to purchase multiple kegs and utilize the fermentation kit simply by switching the cone bottom to the keg bottom after fermentation. Then you dispense in the keg and utilize the cone on another keg to ferment an additional batch. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery, as the Cornical ships directly from the manufacturer via FedEx Ground. Learn More
  8. The Sentinel Boil Over Minder

    Never be caught off-guard ever again. Enter the Sentinel™ Boilover Minder: your stainless-steel line of defense against the most dangerous of brew day surprises.

    Engineered to prevent boilovers, the strategically placed holes disrupt the foam by creating smaller columns that collapse under their own weight. No matter how high the foam tries to rise, your Sentinel™ keeps a watchful eye, knocking the foam back again and again, so you have more time to react to prevent boilovers before they can even begin.
    Learn More
  9. Center of Gravity® Brew Sculpture

    A revolutionary, pro-quality brew sculpture in a powerful, compact package—at a compact price. The Center of Gravity® is built to brew right out of the box. Everything you need from burners to propane lines. Virtually tool-free setup. A tiny total footprint of just one square meter. Quick, compact storage. Center of Gravity® is the first all-in-one brew sculpture that you can set up in 15 minutes and break down to fit in a hockey bag. With 54,000 BTU’s per burner and pure steel-and-cast iron construction, it’s a brewing powerhouse for up to 10 gallon batches. Get power and portability at a fraction of the price—other brew sculptures cost upwards of $1,000! Learn More
  10. Edelmetall Brü™ Kettle
    Introducing the most feature-rich pro-quality brew kettle at an incredible price. Edelmetall is the first kettle to feature a weldless tangential whirlpool port, allowing you to draw ultra-clear wort into your fermentor. Transfer every last drop of wort. Edelmetall Brü® features our patent-pending IsoFlow® diptube—a fully-rotating snap-in accessory that draws down to within ⅛” from the bottom of the kettle. Best of all, the Edelmetall Brü® is equipped with all the features of a pro-quality kettle—304 Stainless Steel, 4mm tri-clad bottom, stay-cool silicone handles, etched gallon markers and the adjustable-angle Edelmetall Brü® thermometer. A kettle fit for a king, yet priced for the people. Learn More
  11. The Steelhead 2.0™ Brew Pump

    A new kind of brew pump, Steelhead 2.0™ has been completely redesigned for brewing. Features:
    • Stainless steel head
    • Maintenance-Free Brushless Motor
    • 24V DC power supply
    • Quiet Operation
    • Handles Liquid Up to 250°F
    • 7 GPM (27 l/min) with a 5m maximum head
    • Weighs only 1.9 lbs.
    • 1/2” NPT Inlet and Outlet
    Connect it all with the Transfer Quick Pump Connector Kit Learn More
  12. Brewhouse Ignition Pack featuring Dark Star® Brew Burner 2.0 and Tall Boy® Brew Kettle
  13. Natural Born Cleaner - Complete Carboy, Keg, and Brewery Cleaning Kit

    To some people cleaning is a chore, but to others it’s therapeutic. A brewer is a Natural Born Cleaner, for they know that to make the best beer possible, you need the cleanest equipment possible. The Natural Born Cleaner Kit is chock full of our Brewmasters’ favorite tools to get the deepest clean possible. Whether you’re cleaning your carboy, kettle, or keg, we’ve got you covered. Make great beer, be a Natural Born Cleaner. Save over $50 when bundled together.
    Learn More
  14. Bru Success™: Fermentation Temperature Control Kit

    Make sure your next brew is a success with the Bru Success ™ Temperature Control Kit. It only takes one temperature swing to wreak havoc on your fermenting beer. So we’ve assembled everything you need to keep your yeast comfy and producing the best beer possible. At the heart of this kit is the ThermoStar® Digital Temperature Controller and the Fermotemp™ Electric Fermentation Heater. Together, they will keep your fermentation at the exact temperature you set, even in the darkest of winter. If you’d rather keep things cool, switch the ThermoStar® to cooling mode and move everything to your fermentation fridge to beat the summer heat or make the perfect lager. Note: Kit includes only one Big Mouth Bubbler. Learn More
  15. 1 Gallon All Grain Micro Bru Equipment Kit

    A complete small batch brewing experience from start to finish. Whether you’re new to all grain brewing, or short on space for larger batches, the Micro Bru 1-Gallon All-Grain starter kit will serve up serious brews without the need for bulky equipment. Perfect for tight quarters or brewers who want to experiment with smaller batches.

    This kit is best in class, complete with a compact kegging system. The best selling Draft Brewer® Cannonball® keg is compact and portable. Most importantly, you won’t have to clean, fill, and cap messy bottles. Learn More

  16. Edelmetall Brü™ Burner

    From: $144.99

    To: $184.98

    This sexy, super-charged, copper-clad masterpiece pumps out 72,000 BTUs of finely-tuned firepower that goes from zero to full boil in no time flat. Fully-loaded with a precise needle valve that banishes boilovers and allows for crucial adjustments, the Edelmetall Brü® Burner custom-crafted stays adjust to any kettle size. As sturdy as it is stunning, this is the last burner you’ll ever need—or want—to buy. Learn More

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