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 How much space do I need between my hop plants?

How much space do I need between my hop plants?

You'll want to survey your growing area and check for a few basic things. First be aware of your vertical surroundings. Do not grow them up electrical poles. Hops cannot be grown indoors. What a lot of customers don't realize is how big a hop plant can get. It is very common for a hop plant to create vines that run for 25 feet or longer in a season. The base of the plant can grow to 9-12” in diameter. Allow more than 10' of vertical growth to ensure a well spaced vine. Less than 10' may result in bunched shoots that make them susceptible to mildew. Unless you are planning on paying attention to these plants all summer long, you might want to consider spacing them out.

There are many books that tell you to plant like varieties about 2-3 feet apart, and unlike varieties about 10 feet apart. The reason you can plant the like varieties so close together is because you are not worried about mixing up the hops on the vine. Seeing it is the same hop variety it doesn't matter if the vines tangle amongst themselves. The problem becomes the tangling of the vines. One plant can start to overtake another plant and severely impede its growth cycle. Unless you have a system set up that allows the hops to grow straight upward, we would recommend spreading them out farther. We would say at least 7-10 feet apart even for like varieties. That way your plants are able to grow strong and don't interfere with each other.

When you are dealing with different varieties of hops, make sure you plant them at least 10 feet apart. Keep in mind that the length of vine you see above Earth is also growing the same amount below Earth. We have had several of our employees grow hops and tell us that all of a sudden a shoot will appear above ground 15 feet away from the plant itself. Hops like to grow and they need a lot of room.

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