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CO2 and Nitrogen Tanks & Regulators

CO2 tanks and regulators are two of the most important pieces of equipment for kegging systems work. Carbon dioxide is used to carbonate and dispense your beer. Beer can be naturally carbonated using yeast, or force carbonated with the help of a CO2 tank and regulator, saving you several days of waiting. A CO2 tank and regulator are needed to dispense your beer also. As you start drinking your beer, CO2 is used to replace the volume lost in your keg, allowing a consistent pressure to push your brew through the liquid line. To pour a pint of a Nitro Beer, a gas mix called 'Guiness Gas' is used. This is a food grade gas mix of 75% nitrogen and 25% CO2 that utilizes a nitrogen regulator. When serving cold press coffee or wine on tap, 100% food grade nitogen is used.

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