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 Do you carry anything other than boxed wine kits?

Do you carry anything other than boxed wine kits?

Sometimes you just want to be able to experiment when making wine. Ingredient kits are great because they include everything, and are very easy to make. However, maybe you want to make a blend, or you just want something different. Midwest offers a couple different options for those that want to expand their wine making horizons.

If you still want to make a grape wine, try Alexander’s canned juice concentrate. They come in many different varieties and allow you to make all of one type of wine, or you can blend them to your liking. They are made like the kit boxes, but they do not have any other ingredients. So be certain to have the yeast, metabisulphite, etc. on hand before you make these wines.

One can is good for 3 gallons of wine. If you want 6 gallons, then use two cans for best results. The directions are right on the can.

Maybe you want to branch out even further on your wine making abilities. Try making a fruit wine. We carry two kinds of canned fruit that you can use to make wine. Although the process is a little more in depth, you can really make some wines that are very different from what you can find at most liquor stores. Or, combine a grape wine with a fruit for something really different. For example, you could make a raspberry Merlot, instead of the usual Merlot. Check out our articles in the fruit wine section to find out what the process is for making fruit wine. It isn’t that hard, and you have most of the equipment that you will need. Don’t be afraid to try something new because that is how some of the best wines are made.

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