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 Making wine

Making wine

Making wine is a lot easier than you might think. The kits today come with pretty much everything that you need for wine making at home on your first try. They come with the yeast, metabisulphite, bentonite, potassium sorbate, and chitosan. All you have to do is provide the water and equipment, and you'll soon be wine making. Each kit can have slightly different items to add, so make sure to read the directions that come with your kit to make sure you add everything at the correct time. But, these directions will give you a basic understanding of how the process of wine making at home works.


Clean and sanitize all of your equipment like your wine turning out depends on it, because it does.

Combine the Ingredients

Follow the instructions that come with the kit.


In 24 to 72 hours your wine will start to ferment, bubbles with begin in the airlock.


At this point you have a decision to make. The wine has produced all the alcohol, and should be clear enough to bottle. Some people prefer to allow the wine to age in the bottle. Some people prefer the wine to age in the carboy longer as you tend to get a more consistent batch of wine.

Learn to taste your wine at every step of the process. If you like your wine with a lot of kick, 6 weeks might be fine for you. But, most people like to wait longer for their wine to age and mellow. Try it in the carboy, try it at bottling, and try it 1 to 2 months after bottling. This will help build your knowledge on how a wine progresses as it gets older. The nice thing is that if the wine tastes a bit strong to you now, give it a month or two and it will be that much better.

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