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 Can I use frozen concentrate to make wine?

Can I use frozen concentrate to make wine?

Anything with a fermentable sugar can be used to make wine.

You can make wine using frozen concentrate if you want. This is particularly handy in the harsh winter months, or when a fruit is out of season. Frozen concentrate works because the makers of the concentrate rarely use preservatives because the juice is frozen.

Frozen concentrate is also very useful in the situation that you need to top off some of your fruit wine.

Let’s say you’ve made an apple wine from fresh fruit in late October, and now it is mid-November and you’ve just added metabisulphite to your wine. You notice that you have a ½ gallon of head space in your fermenter, which is not good. Seeing apples are out of season, you need something to top off the wine with. Instead of using water, make up some frozen apple juice. Your wine gets to remain at full flavor, and you don’t run the risk of oxidizing, or getting a bacteria, in your wine.

Another advantage to frozen concentrates is:

Being able to have several apple varieties available. Super markets are pretty good about keeping multiple types of apples on the shelf, but sometimes you just want a different taste, or the prices are too expensive. Check out the different types of frozen apple juices available and you might find what you are looking for.

Frozen concentrate shouldn't be used in place of fresh, but it is a good alternative.

Experiment with different blends of apples, or just try something different. Using frozen concentrate, one can make an orange wine, or how about a nice raspberry wine?

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