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Monster Mill MM3 3-Roller Mill

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Monster Mill MM3 3-Roller Mill

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All the features of the MM2 with the addition of a third roller to achieve the optimal crush at a higher throughput speed. The MM3 has a gap spacing adjustment range of .065". You will need to fabricate/supply a base, hopper, and corded electric drill. Fully adjustable mill. Three six-inch steel rollers form two gaps, a preliminary fixed gap of approx .060" and a fully adjustable secondary gap.

* Three six-inch steel rollers form two gaps, a preliminary fixed gap of approx .060" and a fully adjustable secondary gap.
* Dual eccentric adjusters: 0 to .065" secondary gap - built from STAINLESS STEEL for no galling
* 8 lbs / minute min
* 3 x 6" upgraded steel rollers
* Alloy frame
* SAE 841 oil impregnated bronze bushings
* 1.5" diameter steel rollers
* 3/8" integral drive shaft w/3 flats for drill driving, 2" long outside frame
* 3/8" integral axles
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Brewery quality mill
My brother and I brew often, and sometimes we brew 20 gallons. That's a lot of grain to grind. but not for this mill. It just spits it out with ease. It's a huge upgrade over our old corn mill.
April 2, 2014
Crushes grain instead of grinds
For all grain brewers who use a false bottom, we want our grain cracked not ground into dust where we get a stuck sparge. I get a great crush and not as much dust with this. Just make sure the drill is tightly locked on the drive shaft.
January 27, 2014
Great Mill, So-So Hopper
The mill itself is solid and worth the money I spent on it._x000D__x000D_The hopper is fairly tedious to put together though, it'd be nice if they had designed something more straightforward. Not sure why they with with a completely screw-together design, especially considering the placement of the two middle screws at the bottom makes them fairly difficult to get tight without a right-angle philips screwdriver. A little time on the sheet metal brake would have made it much easier. More waste on material and would probably require a plasma cutter to cut the pattern, but much less hassle for the customer._x000D__x000D_A side note for those wanting to crack corn: the gap between the two top rollers is too small for most corn. Don't plan on using this mill for that purpose._x000D__x000D_
January 25, 2014
Like a formula one engine
Its a big mill, and when I attach a heavy duty low speed drill, it can handle anything, corn included. The crush is excellent, and nothing gets by. I prefer my crush to that of any store.
December 13, 2013
Premium Mill With a Price Tag to Match
Excellent quality which was easy to setup and adjust. The quality is excellent and though I have been using it for 6 months now I have no doubt it will last._x000D__x000D_Initially it did take some adjusting that was difficult to get fully worked out until running grain through and some trial and error. I imagine this is normal for first use. After getting set up on the first use I it has worked perfectly._x000D__x000D_The only reason I have Price and Value at 4 stars is the product is on the highest end of the price scale for like-category mills. It is worth the price but you wont feel like you got more than your money's worth._x000D__x000D_Con: the 3/8" integral drive shaft w/3 flats for drill driving does work with a drill but the 3 flats on the shaft are so slight you will want to be able to lock the drill down very tight. If you do not get the drill locked extremely tight it is easy to have the drill slip on the shaft and begin to round off the flats.
October 21, 2013
can crush anything
This is one heck of a mill. I can crush anything. I can adjust the gap setting and with 3 rollers I get a great crush. I brew 10 gallon batches and can crack the grain in no time with this beauty. My efficiency since using this is at least 5% and maybe 10% better than what I was getting before.
August 25, 2013
Powerful mill
It gives a consistently good tight crush. Unlike the corona mill I had previously, this crushes the grain instead of grinding it, so there is less sediment in my brew pot and less chance of a stuck sparge. For grain bills of 20 pounds or more, this is the mill to use.
August 4, 2013
Just used this mill for the first time. Fast and efficient. My cordless drill (18v) was not powerful enough to turn it. My corded half inch drill had no problems. This is a luxury for me but if you brew a lot of all grain it is a time saving necessity.
July 7, 2013
Crushes instead of grinds
Since getting this I've noticed my grain is crushed into small pieces, instead of ground into flour. This makes sparging a lot easier. Its a very solidly constructed mill, and I routinely grind 25# of grain at a time, and occasionally 50#s.
May 17, 2013
Monster Crush!
The first MM3 that was delivered,was piss-poor on the fit and finish. There were metal particles that were falling off the mill,as I was unpacking;tool marks left over from machining and the knurling didn't quite line up..end to end. I'm a journeyman machinist;by vocation and a chief master of arms/gunsmith on my military service record. I sent this back to MWS;they promptly sent a replacement. The Fit and Finish was of better quality,but I did have the same metal 'fairy dust' falling out of the package. Heck with it! I took this one apart;did my own FF-Sanding & Polishing;lubrication and re-assembly. I used a digital micro and feeler gauges to reset the rollers to manufacturer's specs. At least,the knurling on this mill was fairly nice?_x000D__x000D_After spending a half a day,say 4 hrs,to fix this mill,et.al;price was too much for the lack of quality control on the manufacturer's part,thus lowering the value. One doesn't want metal particles mixed in with their crushed malt,nor do they wish to hear funny shaft squeals and shaft grinding noises when hooked up to a fractional motor?_x000D__x000D_Once everything was re-assembled,this mill works wonderful. IMHO,this product is either a work in progress or the company that makes the MM2-3's is a small business undergoing growing pains.
May 16, 2013
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