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Noble Trappist Ale Extract Beer Kit

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Noble Trappist Ale Extract Beer Kit

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You don't need to visit a Belgian monastery to enjoy a fine Trappist Ale. This regular strength Trappist Ale is easy to brew and a pleasure to drink.
Noble Trappist Ale   ($42.00)

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Brew up a beer in your kitchen that tastes like it was crafted within the walls of a Trappist monastery! This delectable, dark-hued ale is brewed in the Trappist fashion for a beer that’s easy to create and a delight to drink featuring hints of banana and cloves. It’s easy to bring to your table and a wonderful example of a dark yet regular-strength beer

  • Sweet, semi-dry ale with dark brown color
  • Hints of banana and cloves
  • Yeast cultured from a bottle of Chimay (liquid yeast strains) will perfect this recipe; Wyeast recommended for best results
  • Ingredients include: 6 lb. Pilsen liquid malt extract, 1 lb. clear candi sugar, 8 oz. Caramel 40L, 8 oz. Carapils® specialty grains, 2 oz. Hallertau, 1 oz. Styrian Goldings pellet hops, yeast, priming sugar and a grain bag

Details & Instructions

Additional Information

Beer Style Belgian Ale
Origin of Style Belgium
Color Amber
Gravity Level Medium
Hop Rating (1-5) 1
Yeast Instructions

4.8 / 5.0
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Great all around beer
I've now made this kit twice, and will keep on making it. The last time I made it I added 2 oz. of powdered dark chocolate during the boil, and an extra ~0.75lbs of dark Belgian candi sugar (boiled in 1/2 cup of water obviously) to the secondary fermenter, and could not be more pleased with the results. With these two small modifications it tastes very similar to Chimay Red, but much better... I highly recommend making the recipe once then doing these modifications for comparison, you wont regret it. Everyone who has tried it begs me for some to take home.
May 13, 2010
Amazing Beer
I did not tweak this at all and turned out great, used the wyeast smack pack. I was a little worried after 2 days with no noticeable fermentation. I gave the primary a good shaking on the 3rd day and by that night it blew out the air lock. Left in the primary 10 days and then 11 days in the secondary. 4 weeks in the bottle and it's just a wonderful beer. Going to order the kit again in January so I will have a great spring and summer beer. Great job Midwest!!!!!
December 4, 2011
My favorite
I've bought/brewed this twice, and will brew it again. Too bad there's no discount like buy three, get one free. They both hit the mark--smooth with a hint of citrus, and they have a bit of a kick. Used the Whitelabs liquid yeast both times, the first round followed the recipe. The second substituted dark candi sugar for the light. I call it Trappist Duex and will enter it in the 2012 Bramwell Ocktoberfest (WV).
January 12, 2012
Fantastic Brew
I've brewed this kit twice, and both times it came out deliciously. Great hoppy aroma and finish, wonderful mouthfeel and a nice medium body. Goes great with grilling out on the porch in the evening.
March 2, 2012
Superb kit!
I've brewed this kit twice, and both times it's come out amazing! This second time was for my wedding and the guests LOVED it. Although others have commented that it tastes great after only a month or 2 (and it does), I've found that the flavor really starts to mature after about 3 months, and by 5-6 months it plateaus to its finest. Both times, I let it ferment about 3 weeks in the primary, 3 weeks in the secondary, and the rest of the time in the bottles, sampling as it aged.
June 27, 2012
Lovely Belgian Style Beer
I brewed the back in Feb. 2012 drank some of it and wasn't to awfully pleased with it. The other day I pulled a few out, stuck them in the fridge for the next day. When I opened it I was pleased with the caramel notes and the head was nice and frothy. The first sip told me that this was just lovely. Great hop balance with a nice dry finish._x000D_I am going to brew the all grain kit next. Can't wait._x000D_I must say while this was laying in the back of the closet I have sampled MANY different types of Belgian style beers and this is as good as anything I have tasted.
September 12, 2012
An overlooked gem
Seems the Dubbels and Tripels get all the attention as far as Belgians go, but this should not be so. This is a superb Enkel (or "single" style) Belgian Trappist ale, like the red label Chimay. With it's caramely base and delicate floral and citrus overtones from the Trappist yeast, this is beer that demands your full attention! I look forward to this every year. I brew this in September/October and by Christmas it starts to get really good, and by midwinter it's knock-your-socks-off-stunningly-awesome. Be patient and wait until it's clarified before you open the bottle. I know it takes much self-discipline to wait that long, but you won't regret it. I have brewed both the all-grain version and the extract version, and they are both five stars for quality price and value. Also, Midwest seems to be the only home brew outfit selling this kit. Midwest- please never discontinue this kit!
October 3, 2012
Excellent Belgian!
I was so impressed with the Belgian Triple that i bottled last month after 6 months in secondary, that I had to do the Trappist. I also went with the Wyeast 3787 Trappist yeast and highly recommend it as well. The explosive fermentation lasted five days, but residual airlock activity convinced me to leave in primary for a week longer than normal before transferring to secondary and glad I did. The second gravity reading I took when transferring was near perfect at 1.012, but after leaving in secondary for another 8 days cleared it up and came in at a beautiful 1.010. I always take a sip from the hydro just to run past the judge, and it had the same distinct recognizable belgian taste that is synonomous with Chimay products, that makes fans say, "Ahhhhhh!" Though this doesn't pack near the punch of the Triple, it is a relatively quick beer to make that produces that wonderful, fruity, dry, light carmel taste that Chimay drinkers crave. By the numbers: OG: 1.055, FG: 1.010 x 139 = 6.255% Used the kit with no variation, Wyeast 3787. I can see where one might want to throw in an extra pound of belgian candy and leave in secondary for an extra week or two to kick it up over 7%. Cheers!!!
November 25, 2012
Wonderful Beer...
After bottling the Belgian Triple which I'd had in secondary for six months, I knew two things: 1). I was immediately going to order it again; and, 2). I was going to order the Trappist as well. Glad I did, and definitely recommend it as well as the Wyeast 3787 Trappist yeast which provided such incredible initial fermentation, I left it in primary for almost an entire additional week. When transferring to secondary, SG was 1.012, and after a week in secondary FG came in at a perfect 1.010. The dry, silky, carmel taste, and accompanying floral notes will definately make your taste buds think you're having a Chimay. By the numbers, my batch came in at 6.255% which is very comparable to Chimay red; however, I can see where adding an extra pound of belgian candy and leaving in secondary for an extra week or two could be worth it to anyone wanting to hit that 7% mark. Nonetheless, a truly wonderful beer that I am looking forward to brewing again. Cheers!
November 25, 2012
Great Recipe
Fun and great recipe to brew!!! If you're a fan of trappist or abbey style beers then you will definitely love this recipe!!
November 29, 2012
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