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Category 13B- Sweet Stout

13B-Sweet Stout

An English style of stout, historically known as “Milk” or “Cream” stouts, legally this designation is no longer permitted in England (but is acceptable elsewhere). The “milk” name is derived from the use of lactose, or milk sugar, as a sweetener. Mild roasted grain aroma, sometimes with coffee and/or chocolate notes. An impression of cream-like sweetness often exists. Fruitiness can be low to moderately high and hop aroma is low to none. Sweet Stouts are very dark brown to black in color, with a creamy tan to brown head crowning this brew.

Dark roasted grains and malts dominate the flavor as in dry stout, and provide coffee and/or chocolate flavors. Hop bitterness is moderate (lower than in dry stout). Medium to high sweetness (often from the addition of lactose) provides a counterpoint to the roasted character and hop bitterness, and lasts into the finish. Can have low to moderate fruity esters. The balance between dark grains/malts and sweetness can vary, from quite sweet to moderately dry and somewhat roasty. 13B’s have a medium-full to full-body and are very creamy, with low to moderate carbonation. High residual sweetness from unfermented sugars enhances the full-tasting mouth-feel.

This subcategory is very dark, sweet, full-bodied, slightly roasty ale. Often tastes like sweetened espresso.

OG: 1.044 – 1.060, FG: 1.012 – 1.024, SRM: 30 – 40, ABV: 4 – 6%

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