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  1. Creamery In a Box­® - Chevre Recipe Kit

    One of the best-kept secrets in gourmet circles: Sweet, mild, elegant Chévre is oh-soooo easy to make yourself when you use our Creamery in a Box® Fresh Chévre Recipe Kit!

    The fresh, lemony taste of this classic goat’s milk cheese is heavenly on its own, served up airy and unadorned. Or, you can add your favorite fresh herbs and mold it for a fancier presentation. Delicious and deceptively simple to make. And even easier to eat! Learn More
  2. Whey Station® Essential Cheese Press

    There’s an easier way to make delicious, homemade pressed cheeses…and now it’s more affordable than ever! Introducing the new Whey Station Essential Cheese Press – a breakthrough press crafted of stainless steel and durable food-grade plastic, priced at a fraction of the cost of similar premium cheese presses. Capacity = 1.5 pounds of Cheese Learn More
  3. Creamery in a Box®  Queso Fresco Cheese Recipe Kit

    For fresh, mild and deliciously ready-to-eat cheese, nothing compares to the palate pleaser you can whip up in your own kitchen with our Creamery in a Box® Queso Fresco Recipe Kit!

    This Mexican “fresh cheese” is perfect for eager new cheesemakers who just can’t wait to sample and share with friends. Note: Cheese mold required to drain and shape your delicious Queso Fresco. Learn More
  4. Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese Kit - Creamery in a Box®

    Nothing is quite as impressive as hand-crafted, all-American Farmhouse Cheddar...especially when it comes from your very own kitchen! With our Creamery in a Box® Farmhouse Cheddar Recipe Kit, you’ll need some patience (and a cheese mold) to age this cheese to flaky perfection.

    But after one month, one taste of this classic cheese will prove it was worth the wait! Learn More
  5. Creamery In A Box® Essential Cheese Making Kit

    Ready to enjoy the most delicious, hand-crafted cheese you’ve ever tasted? Good, because Creamery in a Box® Essential Starter Kit provides everything you need to make seriously fresh, seriously tasty artisan-quality cheese in your own kitchen.

    All-natural and as local as it gets! Just add the milk of your choice, and in about 30 minutes, you'll be ready to share cheese so good, family and friends will be clamoring for more.

    Your kit comes with professional-grade cheesemaking tools, all-natural ingredients, premium cheesecloth and butter muslin, plus two of our best-selling recipe kits, so you can make Farmhouse Cheddar and Fresh Mozzarella right out of the box! Learn More
  6. Mozzarella Cheese Kit - Creamery in a Box®

    Smooth and stretchy, tender and tantalizing...making heirloom-quality Mozz with our Creamery in a Box® Fresh Mozzarella Recipe Kit is so life-changing, you may never settle for plasticky, store-bought mozz again!

    Everything from pizza to Caprese salad gets an instant upgrade when you use mozzarella hand-crafted in your own kitchen. (And did we mention, it only takes about 30 minutes?) Nothing but YUM! Learn More
  7. Creamery in a Box®  Cottage Cheese Recipe Kit

    Cottage Cheese is a versatile and simple cheese with unique flavor that can impress on its own or perk up any recipe. And just wait until you taste a batch you’ve made in your very own kitchen with our Creamery in a Box® Cottage Cheese Recipe Kit!

    Mildly sharp curds melt into a creamy, well-rounded finish that’s delightfully rich and full-bodied. Perfect for pairing with fresh fruits or adding amazing texture and velvety cheesiness to your favorite casseroles. Learn More
  8. Creamery in a Box® Feta Cheese Recipe Kit

    The trademark briny bite of Crumbled Feta has been delighting palates for centuries. And you’ll find out why when you make your very own with our Creamery in a Box® Crumbled Feta Recipe Kit!

    This soft, brined cheese pairs perfectly with bright beers and tart white wines…But don’t take our word for it. Make it (and taste it) for yourself! Learn More
  9. Whey Station® Cheese Press

    Regular Price: $134.99

    Special Price $99.99

    Small batch cheesemakers, meet Whey Station®—the press of your dreams. Introducing the most affordable cheese press for small batch cheesemaking. Learn More
  10. Learn how to make Cheese at home

    The Fourth Edition of Ricki Carroll's Home Cheese Making (368 pages, paperback) book is a treasure trove of cheesemaking knowledge. The full color pages include recipes, histories of cheeses, and a full rundown of the cheese making process step by step. This book is perfect for cheesemaker of all types; from those looking to craft some fresh Queso Fresco, or those patiently tending to year old Parmesan. An added bonus to the Fourth Edition is that each recipe notes the level of difficulty for that style of cheese. So as you get started on your cheesemaking quest, seek out Beginner Recipes. As you hone your skills move up to Intermediate, and then Advanced recipes. Learn More
  11. Making Cheese, Butter & Yogurt

    This guide book to Cheese, Butter, & Yogurt contains an introduction to the ingredients, equipment, instructions for proper Cleaning and equipment maintenance. That is followed by Basic Techniques, and Recipes for several cheese. Written by Ricki Carrol, 32 Pages. Learn More
  12. Cheese Wax 1 lb - Red (Cheesemaking Supply)

    Cheese Wax is especially made for coating cheeses. It helps prevent unwanted mold growth while retaining moisture in the aging cheese. Learn More
  13. French Whip Cheesemaking Whisk - 22"

    The easiest way to get a uniform curd size when making hard cheeses such as Cheddar, Colby, Monteray Jack and Parmesan, this whisk is incredibly effective for creating rice-sized curds when making hard cheeses. With a full length of 22 inches it is long enough to reach the bottom of most home cheesemaking vessels and can be used for both curd-cutting and mixing during cheese making. Learn More
  14. Small Wood Cheese Box

    You don't have to save old Brie and Camembert boxes! These new cheese boxes in poplar wood are the perfect storage solution for your artisanal creations. Learn More
  15. Large Wood Cheese Box
  16. Cheese Cloth

    Authentic, creamery-grade Creamery in a Box Cheesecloth is ideal for draining fresh curds and wrapping your own, hand-crafted hard cheeses. Unlike lower-grade cloth, this cheesecloth is designed to separate curds from whey while retaining more natural butterfat – essential for giving your cheese that perfect texture and taste. Learn More

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