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Brewing Safety

Last weekend Andy H., one of our resident brewers, had an unfortunate accident. While rinsing out a glass carboy, he bumped the counter with it and the glass shattered, cutting up Andy's hand pretty badly. Unfortunately, he needed to have surgery done to repair his hand. We at Midwest thought this would be a great opportunity to promote brewing safety, and to help Andy out at the same time. The proceeds from all of the products featured on this page will go to help defray the costs of Andy's recovery through February 1st. So order a Brew Hauler or some brewing gloves and help Andy out today!

The Brew Hauler

Designed and patented by a homebrewer, the Brew Hauler is constructed of sturdy polypropylene webbing that creates handles for carboys, making them easy to carry. The Brew Hauler can be easily moved from one carboy to another. It fits on all carboys, but will not fit our glass demijohn.

Carboy Handles

These handles fit around the lip of a glass carboy. They make an empty carboy easier to carry, especially when wet. These are not meant to carry full carboys without additional support. Always carry full carboys while supporting them from the bottom!

Brewing Gloves

These industrial grade brewing gloves are standard issue in commercial breweries!
• Reduce risk of burns and scalds
• Keeps harmful sanitizers, acids, and caustic chemicals from your skin
• Since they can be effectively sanitized, they are a great way to keep sanitized equipment sanitized!
• Elbow length allows you to reach into 5 gallon pails
• Tear and puncture resistant nitrile rubber are 28 mil thick - 3 to 4 times that of household gloves. But still maintain great feel and dexterity!

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