What is gyle, and how do I prime my beer with it?

Gyle is a portion of unfermented beer wort that is reserved for or added to finished beer for condition (carbonation).
  • What you can do is save a measured amount of your fresh unfermented sterile wort and store it in a sterilized, sealed container in your refrigerator. The gyle should be taken from the wort before yeast has been added to it.
  • Then when the beer has fully fermented and it is time to bottle, you can use the stored gyle by adding it to the finished beer.
  • The question is; "How much wort should be set aside as gyle?" The sugar content and specific gravity of wort will always vary. Here is a decent formula to calculate, rather accurately, the amount of gyle you will need to save in order to prime any volume of beer.

    The formula is: Quarts of gyle = (12 x gallons of wort) ________________________(÷) (specific gravity - 1)(1000) For example, for 5 gallons of wort that has a specific gravity of 1.052: Quarts of gyle = (12 x 5) ________________(÷) (1.052 - 1)(1000) Quarts of gyle = 60/52 ˜ 1.15 quarts ˜ 1.2 quarts

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